Home News LOOTING & ARSON rage through St. Paul & Minneapolis as emergency declared over…


LOOTING & ARSON rage through St. Paul & Minneapolis as emergency declared over…

by Ace Damon
LOOTING & ARSON rage through St. Paul & Minneapolis as emergency declared over...

Chaotic scenes continue to unfold in the twin cities of Minnesota, as bustling crowds smash storefronts, loot goods and collide with authorities after a police murder of an unarmed African American.

Videos shared on social media on Thursday showed withdrawals from several companies along St. University University Avenue. In a clip, a car is seen colliding with a closed department store door, while a crowd crosses a cell phone store across the street.

A strong police presence was also seen at a nearby Target store, where a line of vehicles and riot agents were in front of the building to prevent further looting. A crowd of protesters gathered in the store's parking lot and threw projectiles, smashing windows of several police vehicles.

During the Los Angeles uprisings, I remember seeing a national guard posted on the roof of Ralphs (supermarket) to protect the store from being fired. Then and now, protection of property is valued more than life. #GeorgeFloydhttps://t.co/R7oSlx82Dt

– Steven Renderos (@stevenrenderos) May 29, 2020

In addition to looting, widespread destruction across the city was also seen in images and images posted online, consisting largely of destroyed storefronts. Several shops and cars were set on fire, with many reports of fires elsewhere.

Similar events take place in Minneapolis, where anti-police brutality protests over the assassination of George Floyd exploded in riots on Wednesday night, spreading to St. Paul and other cities beyond the state since then.

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz has activated National Guard units to control the situation, however, it appears that no guardmen have yet been dispatched to contain the unrest.

Also at rt.com
Minnesota launches National Guard to prevent riots and looting, & # 39; ensure security & # 39; of peaceful protests over the death of George Floyd

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