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London will ask Brexit to be postponed if no deal is reached by Saturday

by Ace Damon
London will ask Brexit to be postponed if no deal is reached by Saturday

The British government intends to comply with the law and request a postponement of the UK's exit from the European Union if it cannot reach an agreement by Saturday, the minister confirmed for Brexit.

"The government will comply with the law and with the court's commitments to the law," Steve Barclay told the parliamentary committee about leaving the EU on Wednesday.

Officially referred to as the EU's Exit Act (No 2), but named after Labor MP and first signer of the text, Hilary Benn, the legislation obliges Boris Johnson to request a postponement for another three months until 31 January. , if no agreement is reached and no exit without agreement is allowed by 19 October.

The government had already confirmed to the Scottish Court of Session last week that it intended to "send a letter in the form set by October 19," as required by law.

Barclay has not confirmed whether an extraordinary parliamentary session will be held on Saturday to discuss the results of the European Council on Thursday and Friday, claiming that the decision will only be confirmed after the conclusion of negotiations.

A council of ministers scheduled to be held on Tuesday, but has been postponed, is scheduled for 2.30 pm (same time in mainland Portugal), and the British media have reportedly been holding consultations between the prime minister, Boris Johnson, and Eurosceptic Conservative MPs and leaders of the Northern Ireland Democratic Union (DUP).

It is in these two groups that the key to an approval of the text in parliament, which is needed for ratification, may be the key, after the Theresa May agreement with Brussels has been failed three times.

Negotiations with the EU resumed this morning in an attempt to reach an agreement with the United Kingdom on Brexit before the European Council, after being suspended at dawn.

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