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Labour policies drowned out by Momentum plot – and MPs are seething

by Ace Damon


Party conferences are usually a time for a show of unity.

Not this year. Not at this party.

The attempt to abolish the post of deputy leader and, by default, Tom Watson, is a major ban on the party after a prolonged period of increasing pressure.

But it’s not just about Brexit.

As so often happens in politics, it is mainly about loyalty to the leader.

And what’s no doubt is that Tom Watson has been poking the bear for a while.

Whether by creating a separate group of centrist parliamentarians within the party, calling for anti-Semitism complaints to be sent, or launching his own Brexit policy on the same day as a Labor announcement, he consciously and firmly shook the penalties.

Now Corbyn’s foot soldiers tried to intervene, forcing their own leader to kick the issue into the tall grass.

Corbyn asks questions about Watson’s plot

In fact, the strength and scale of the reaction of parliamentarians and some unions required Jeremy Corbyn to act.

The summary execution of the party moderates’ flag bearer risked a leadership challenge or even a split.

It also seems that the man behind the maneuvers, head of Corbyn support group Momentum Jon Lansman, was a freelancer.

“He exaggerated and is more than stupid,” was as one deputy said.

Indeed, other supporters of Corbyn said they were unaware of the motion, with many unfortunates that the matter could now dominate the conference over other announcements.

Dawn butler

“Of course Tom should be at the party”

This will almost certainly happen and lays the groundwork for the oncoming dust on Brexit.

With a general election around the corner, it’s no surprise that many are boiling.

“A meaningless counterproductive fight” was how the shadow health secretary characterized it.

Others said the Labor Party seemed to be fighting itself when it should be fighting the Conservatives.

But while Tom Watson will survive this conference, this is an argument that will come back to him.

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Some speculate that the attempt to defenestrate him was part of a plan to secure the party’s future.

They think that if the Labor Party loses to Boris Johnson, Corbyn could be forced to resign.

This sets off an alarm for the Corbynists as it could mean Tom Watson joining as interim party leader.

Whatever the reason, Labor once again seems to care more about itself than about the country.

It is only saving grace that the Conservative Party is currently in the same boat.


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