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Kurdish forces urge US to assume "moral responsibilities"

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Syrian Kurdish forces on Friday appealed to the United States to assume "their moral responsibilities" and "respect their promises" after abandoning their allies at the mercy of Turkish offensives.

US President Donald Trump announced Sunday the withdrawal of Syrian military forces fighting alongside the Kurdish militias against the Islamic State, allowing a four-day-long Turkish military offensive in northeastern Syria.

"Our allies assured us of their protection … but they suddenly abandoned us with the unfair decision to withdraw their troops from the Turkish border," the Syrian Democratic Forces said today in a statement. .

This same argument is being used against the Government of Donald Trump, by various countries of the international community, as well as by political forces in the United States, including the Republican Party itself, which supports the US President.

Earlier Saturday, the Arab League, which brings together 22 countries in the region, warned of the risk of a wave of displaced people and the threat of backlash in the fight against the Islamic State, calling for an end to the Turkish offensive.

The call from the Kurdish militias comes on the day the Kurdish Red Crescent announced that Turkey's attacks, which began on Wednesday, have already caused the displacement of some 200,000 people and that the death toll has risen to 34.

The director of health of that non-governmental organization, Sherwan Bery, added that there are also 71 injured among the civilian population affected by the Turkish offensive, hit by bombing and artillery fire.

The Turkish Ministry of Defense wrote today, on its social networking page Twitter, that the town of Ras al Ain was taken today, "as a result of successful actions in Operation Peace Fountain".

The Turkish ministry also added that it has taken control of a road between Qamishli and Manbech, two of the most important cities in northeastern Syria, a road that covers about 500 kilometers along the border that Ankara aspires to control to create a "safe zone". , free of Kurdish militias.

It is in this region that Turkey wants to relocate Syrian refugees currently in Turkish territory.

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