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Kati Critica: The Day I Met Tom Hiddleston

by Ace Damon

Katiúscia Vianna is an AdoroCinema writer who has accumulated over two decades of useless culture and decided to turn it into a job. On this journey, she has a mission to represent Twitter's noisy and / or snobbish fandoms, talk about the series that critics ignore, and celebrate the "crumbs" that bring joy to the people. That is, the guilty pleasures! With a 'singular' point of view (or crazy, it depends on who you say), comes the Kati Critica column – mixing sugar, spice and a bit of zany haterism.
I don't know about you, but I was never a root geek. I never read superhero comics during my childhood. Like, I saw the Justice League designs and wanted to be the Rogue in X-Men Evolution (that pre-Chimbinha headband and emo gothic style were life!). But read the comic, just Monica's Gang. I just got to know (and learn to differentiate) Marvel and DC when I started working here at AdoroCinema. For you to know, the first movie I saw from MCU was Avengers. After all, it was six for the price of a ticket. It's the same concept I use to not see the former RBDs solo show, because I've paid for the teenage combo. Having said that, I do what you want, Alfonso Herrera. Come here and just set a date and time, I'll be there.
Recalling the reasoning, it took me a while to get on the tram "Loki (Tom Hiddleston) is Marvel's best villain" – at least until Killmonger (Michael B. Jordan) and Thanos (Josh Brolin). But I soon fell in love. After all, a sarcastic person who wears dark clothes causes an identification in antisocial life like me.
And once I got on board, I even forgave that shirt, so much love I have for the boy.

So I couldn't miss the chance to check out Tom Hiddleston's play when I went to New York. The first time I set foot in Times Square was during a business trip (thank you boss and folks who invited me to AC to cover a set of movies!). But this time it was going on its own. Pretend to be rich for two weeks, see as many Broadway musicals as possible, and walk down Fifth Avenue as if it were Sex and the City's Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker). Once I accepted how realizing such a dream was going to bankrupt me by 2025, I decided to buy the ticket for Betrayal. After all, it's not just starring Hiddleston; but also by Charlie Cox, known as the Daredevil, whose cancellation I have not accepted until today. And, fine if I'm not a fan since Stardust, but the guy has caught my attention since trying to catch Stephen Hawking's wife in Theory of Everything, that should count for something.
via GIPHYThen, tickets purchased; ticket and lodging in installments often in several cards; soothing taken to withstand 12 hours of flight, being terrified of heights; and here we go to New York. I could spend hours talking about how this is my favorite city around the world, how Hamilton is a necessary experience for every human being; and how I cried for 40 minutes with Hadestown; but I already push musical scores every day at my job, so let's focus on Marvel guys, shall we?
Betrayal is a British play by Harold Pinter focused on seven years of the lives of Robert, Emma and Jerry. It's that story: the guy cheats on his best friend with his wife; the difference was that the horned man knew about the case for about four years before getting divorced. And we keep following the story backwards. Names such as Daniel Craig, Rachel Weisz, Bill Nighy, Raul Julia, and Kristin Scott Thomas have participated in various versions of the story over the years. He even had a movie in 1983; with Jeremy Irons, Ben Kingsley and Patricia Hodge. Now the recent revival is with Hiddleston, Cox and Zawe Ashton; between August and December this year.
In a more rational form of 'Kati Critica', I can say that Betrayal is a powerful and elegant piece, mainly because of the performances and the artistic choice in the composition of the scenario. In a more normal form of 'Kati Critica', I say I just didn't love it because it took me a while to understand, or rather, to embark on the play, thanks to the general British accent. But this is my fault and my obsession with studying French in high school, thinking that the English I learned from Friends and Backstreet Boys would be enough for the rest of my life.
Not to mention it's nice to see dramatic, intimate, dense plays filling up theaters in New York. Obviously, much of this feat comes from the big name of its cast, but I don't like to see when good works need to cut their showtimes or get canceled, because of beastly prejudice or elitization of theatrical art, which should come to fruition. all audiences, as well as TV and cinema. Yes, 'Kati Critica' is also room for serious issues.

Now, back to the fangirl and futile moment of this text. Want a basic stage door tip, ie see the cast of a piece after the performance? Run. The show is over, grab your bag and go to the door, friends, because the competition is heavy. There were about 40 people wanting to scream for the magic boys the day I went to see Betrayal, but I was lucky that they made a second space for fans by the time I arrived so I could stay on the grid. Another sign that was my day: the security dog ​​was very similar to my dog, Simon Lafayette. Only Yankees (yes, her name was that) was older and didn't bite all the time, like my active and curious seven month old.
I knew I was at an unusual stage door when the first person out was the most famous. That's right, Tom Hiddleston was about fifty feet away, being nice and signing programs from people near me. I try to pretend that I have composure; but at that moment the twelve-year-old Kati, who was trembling to meet a member of NX Zero (yes, my past condemns me), hit hard inside me.
Fortunately, I know how to do it, and I managed to pretend to be a normal person by talking briefly to Loki's interpreter. I praised his work and told how I came from Brazil, which made him thank the support with the piece and the affection to have come from so far. All this with his fine British accent, which I may not always understand, but I find more charming than seeing a man in a tuxedo. Unfortunately, my composure did not reach my hands, which trembled more than glasses when dinosaurs arrived in Jurassic Park.

But that's where we see how British culture is another level. Hiddleston was organized in such a way that he made two rounds among the fans. The first one for autographs, while security people were already telling us to leave their phones in selfie mode so that they could pose with everyone quickly. Part of my locker has been messy since college, but the actor has managed to meet everyone in less than ten minutes. British racing. In my case, Tom even came back to take a picture again, because the asshole that speaks to you was really shaking. And also because I don't know how to take a selfie, as these social networks are too advanced for an old mind with mine. But that's fine, then just put a filter on Instagram and pretend it's style.
Soon after, Charlie Cox also came to meet the fans, all polite, thanking compliments and still beautiful as in my dreams. Also lasting about ten minutes, but leaving no one out. I take longer than that to straighten my hair every day in the morning. Anyway, I spent days wondering, only now I'm back to Rio de Janeiro, after all I have to work to pay the debts I made (and for love of work, don't fire me, boss!), So I can go back to the natural rudeness of being from Rio.

Moral of the story: Not everything in life is valued more if it is gringo. Despite posting my date with two Marvel characters, the most liked photo on my Instagram profile is still a picture of my interview with Cauã Reymond. I love cinema

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