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Judge orders Ronaldinho Gaúcho imprisonment indefinitely

by Ace Damon
Judge orders Ronaldinho Gaúcho imprisonment indefinitely

After a seven-hour hearing, Judge Clara Ruíz Díaz accepted the request of the Paraguayan Public Prosecutor's Office that Ronaldinho Gaúcho and his brother, Roberto de Assis, be imprisoned indefinitely, which can be up to six months while investigating the case. which she classified as “a serious crime that violates the interests of the Republic”.

Both entered Paraguay with false documents and did not explain, according to Justice, the reason for this. The defense tried to request that the arrest be under house arrest, however, for that, they would have to present a document demonstrating residence in the country or property or rental of some property.

"They did not show any documents that showed that they deserved this benefit of house arrest," said the magistrate. The defense said it would appeal.

Ronaldinho and Assis, handcuffed and dejected, left the audience room without saying anything and were taken back to the Agrupación Nacional penitentiary in the Paraguayan capital.

According to the Paraguayan Public Ministry, Ronaldinho and his brother entered the fourth (4) in the country carrying fake Paraguayan passports and identity cards. The numbers of the seized documents belong to other people, who are in detention.

It is not yet known why Ronaldinho and his brother used the fake documents, instead of their Brazilian passports, to enter the country. They could also have used only the Brazilian RG.

The defense of Ronaldinho and Assis points to the Brazilian businessman Wilmondes Sousa Lira as responsible for delivering them the forged passports. He is in remand, and made the

Two women, María Isabel Galloso and Esperanza Apolônia Caballero, owners of the identity cards used for the adulteration, were denounced and are under house arrest.

On Thursday (5), the Paraguayan Public Prosecutor's Office had decided not to accuse the former athlete and his brothers of using the documents, claiming that they were "deceived in their good faith". The punishment would be done only with a fine or provision of community service.

On Friday, a turnaround came after the hearing with Judge Mirko Valinotti. He decided that the case should be referred to the state attorney general, Sandra Quiñónez, who should review the prosecution's initial decision within ten days.

A few hours after the hearing, still on Friday night, the brothers were provisionally detained while at the Sheraton hotel.

Ronaldinho spent the night in a cell with his brother, a former deputy and the former president of the Paraguayan Football Association, Ramón González.

On Saturday morning (7), the former athlete and Assisi left the detention site to attend a hearing at the Palace of Justice, with Judge Clara Ruiz Diaz, and They arrived handcuffed.

After the hearing, prosecutor Osmar Legal said the Attorney General's Office asked for ratification of the decision to keep Ronaldinho and his brother detained in Paraguay alleging the risk of flight, because they would have sufficient economic resources to leave the country.

Ronaldinho's lawyer, Sérgio Queiroz, told Folha that handcuffing was an “arbitrary, abusive, disproportionate act with a clear purpose of humiliation”. And he added that the change in the decision on Brazilians "is an affront to the regular exercise of defense and the presumption of innocence".

Ronaldinho went to Paraguay at the invitation of Nelson Belotti, one of the owners of the Il Palazzo casino, located in the hotel where the former athlete was initially staying with his brother Assis, and by businesswoman Dalia López.

The former player would stay from March 4 to 7 in the Asunción region.

A Facebook page, "Ronaldinho en Paraguay", announced in the last few days what the Brazilian's commitments would be alongside Dalia, representative of the Fraternidade Angelical Foundation, which would have been founded in 2019 and appears as a supporter of the event.

According to the ABC Color newspaper, from Paraguay, the businesswoman was, until this week, "unknown to the general public".

According to the program, Ronaldinho Gaúcho would participate in the launch of the "Mobile Health for Girls and Boys" program, an initiative announced by the businesswoman to offer free medical assistance to vulnerable children and adolescents in the country.

Accused of handing over documents puts blame on businesswoman

Wilmondes Sousa Lira, accused of delivering false passports to Ronaldinho, testified to Justice on Friday (6).

According to his lawyer, the culprit for the adulterated documents is the Paraguayan businesswoman Dalia López, responsible for taking the former player to the country. “Dalia López is the one who took care of everything from the beginning to the end,” said Enrique Kronawetter.

According to the lawyer, the businessman told the police that, a day earlier, on a visit to the airport to work out security details in the VIP room, Dalia's husband, Luis Gauto, said: “Don't worry (about entering the country), we who command ”.

Wilmondes Lira, 45, has two active companies registered in his name in Brasilia and one unsuitable in Tocantins.

Dalia's lawyer, Hugo Volpe said on Friday that he left his client's defense.

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