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Joker is excellent. So discussions will be heated

by Ace Damon
Joker is excellent. So discussions will be heated

Despite the mastery attained, long has its sins, which can lead to different and extreme interpretations for good and evil.

Only great movies are said to yield great discussion, because those who watch it have very strong opinions. Be it for good or for bad. Joker fits into this group.

Even before its theatrical debut on Thursday (October 3), Todd Phillips's film split his career among audiences, having won top prize at the Venice Film Festival and cultivated a number of rather harsh reviews.

And both sides have their reason.

The movie is spectacular. The photography is beautiful, compatible with the character and the moments he goes through in the plot, making melancholy, fury and sentimental outbursts even more striking. Each frame, each sequence – be it a short interaction or a great sequence-shot – gains the beauty of a frame, marking the key moments of the feature.

The soundtrack is flawless. Abusing the stringed instruments to create tension and help in the anguish that feels with the protagonist. Growing up makes climax even more impactful.

Joaquin Phoenix delivers a performance worthy of the biggest awards of the circuit (even more compared to the one that won the last edition of the Oscar). The three types of laughter, so much vaunted by the press after interviews with the actor or director, are wide open to the audience and are fundamental to the construction and development of the villain that gives name to the film, and serve as the foundation for the evolution we follow. in the projection.

The supporting cast is also very competent, especially Robert de Niro, who, in addition to becoming a tribute to the classic King of Comedy, lives such a credible talk show host who brings the audience of theaters to his audience.

The problem for those who see it lies in the way the story unfolds. By humanizing the villain and making him pitiful, the feature seems to try to justify the unjustifiable ends by means of turning into symbol and martyr a clearly problematic character who is, in fact, as he always was, a villain.

Villains should be able to generate empathy in the audience, such as Black Panther Killmonger, but Joker blurs the line that must be raised to demonstrate the villainous character intrinsic to the character. And with its plot, it ends up making certain attitudes seemingly tolerable, without showing the full picture of the situation it generates, taking as its sole viewpoint immersed in the protagonist's mind.

There are strengths to both sides. Each will take factors to defend its spectrum. One thing is certain: It is impossible to leave the session inert. The impact is imminent. The discussions will be heated.

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