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Johnson will pull vote on Brexit agreement if amendment strengthening…

by Ace Damon
Johnson will pull vote on Brexit agreement if amendment strengthening...

The Brexit crisis on Saturday has been jeopardized as British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will vote on his EU Withdrawal Agreement if lawmakers vote in favor of an amendment that strengthens legislation to prevent a brexit without agreement.

The amendment, tabled by former conservative cabinet minister Sir Oliver Letwin, is expected to be widely supported, meaning that a subsequent vote on Johnson's agreement would not be a significant vote to approve it.

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If passed, Downing Street will tell Tory lawmakers that they can go home instead of staying to vote, and will introduce the necessary legislation to ratify a deal on Monday, the BBC and other local media.

House Speaker John Bercow said on Saturday morning that he had selected Letwin's amendment to vote. The proposal would withhold support for Prime Minister Johnson's Brexit agreement until formal ratification legislation was passed.

The amendment was designed to close a potential loophole in Benn's Law, the Brexiteers nicknamed the Surrender Act, which was designed to prevent the UK from leaving the European Union without an agreement.

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Speaking in the House of Commons on Saturday, Johnson again urged lawmakers to support his agreement, saying the public and the EU want Brexit to be enforced.

Opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn responded by begging lawmakers to reject the deal, saying it is worse than former Prime Minister Theresa May's deal and that Johnson's government cannot be trusted.

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