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Johnson tells MPs: ‘There is a burning desire to get Brexit done’

by Ace Damon
Johnson tells MPs: 'There is a burning desire to get Brexit done'

Boris Johnson urged lawmakers to support his divorce settlement in the EU, saying there is "a burning desire to make Brexit".

When Parliament first sat down on a Saturday in nearly four decades, the Prime Minister urged politicians to "end this debilitating fight," insisting that his agreement with Brussels would allow the United Kingdom to "let" "on October 31st.

British Prime Minister & # 39; cannot be trusted & # 39; with agreement on Brexit – Corbyn

However, he faces an additional hurdle, with opponents threatening to vote for an amendment that holds approval until legislation to implement the deal is in place.

Sir Oliver Letwin, a former cabinet minister who lost the Conservative whip after rebelling against Brexit, said it was an "insurance policy" to prevent Britain from "falling" without a deal.

Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn said his lawmakers "would not be fooled" to support the prime minister's Brexit deal and rejected Johnson's "empty promises" about workers' rights and the environment.

He continued: "This government cannot be trusted and these banks will not be fooled."

The Commons vote on the deal appears to be on the verge of a knife, with Johnson's former DUP allies saying they will oppose it.

Westminster DUP leader Nigel Dodds told Commons: "Fatigue in this house over Brexit should not be an excuse for Brexit weakness or union weakness."

Sir Oliver Letwin told Sky News the reason behind bringing his amendment to Commons.

Letwin: Change is Insurance Policy

He argued that there must be "Brexit for the whole of the United Kingdom", leaving the single market and the customs union as one.

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