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Jay Leno drives the Tesla Cybertruck through the Elon Musk test tunnel

by Ace Damon
Jay Leno drives the Tesla Cybertruck through the Elon Musk test tunnel

Elon Musk often brags about how he built Tesla with "zero advertising dollars". But advertising is just a form of marketing, and the billionaire CEO certainly knows how to promote his companies.

The most recent example comes from a new episode of Jay Leno's show on CNBC, where the former talk show host and notorious car collector visits SpaceX headquarters to drive a Tesla Cybertruck prototype through the "test tunnel" just over 1.5 km long built by the Boring Company, another Elon Musk company, under Los Angeles.


Production starts in 2021 and the vehicle will be available at prices starting at $ 39,900

The episode, which CNBC has spent promoting the past two weeks, is quite straightforward. Leno went to the Tesla design studio located at SpaceX headquarters in Hawthorne, California, and waited for Musk to arrive with the Tesla Semi. The episode continues with the Tesla CEO highlighting some of the future plans for the second generation of the Tesla Roadster, which will come with "cold gas thrusters" made by SpaceX – all alongside the company's newest vehicle, the Model Y.

Only after that does Musk bring the electric Cybertruck pick-up. Tesla's CEO talks more about the vehicle, confirming information that was previously mentioned. The difference is that it is now possible to view Cybertruck in HD with high quality. Musk acts again as a car salesman, convincing Leno at one point that, yes, he would, in fact, want a pickup to be bulletproof as the Cybertruck should be. The executive then suggests that Leno drive the vehicle through the test tunnel built by the Boring Company underground near the SpaceX headquarters – something she quickly accepts.

The episode continues without any major problems, except for the part with Musk wondering whether the vehicle will fit in the tunnel or not. Regardless, the episode was a simple but effective way to promote the various Musk companies. It is worth remembering that the episode was launched in the same week of the launch of the SpaceX manned mission, which ended up being postponed until Saturday, the 30th. This launch, by the way, is another example of how the Tesla CEO takes the opportunity to use his various companies on marketing opportunities: on Wednesday, the two astronauts went to the launch pad on a Tesla Model X.

Source: The Verge


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