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Iran to meet powers, including US, on nuclear deal

by Ace Damon
Iran to meet powers, including US, on nuclear deal

Hassan Rohani has set a condition for meeting to happen: not to be used as propaganda for US President Donald Trump

Iran's President Hassan Rohani said on Monday he planned to meet with leaders of the world's six largest powers, including the United States, to discuss the nuclear deal he had signed with them.

At a news conference, Rohani set a condition for attending a possible meeting: not campaigning for President Donald Trump.

"I have clearly told the leaders of the European countries that if we are sure that the 5 + 1 group meeting is not an election meeting for Mr Trump, I will attend," he said.

"As soon as I assure myself of the benefits to the nation of Iran that will be provided at the meeting and the weight of pressure on the people is eliminated, I will accept with honor," he added.

Rohani argued that "the US government, due to pressure from American extremists, the Zionist regime (in reference to Israel) and Saudi Arabia, made a big mistake and withdrew (from the agreement)."

The president said that among the countries that remain in the nuclear agreement, Iran has good relations with China and Russia. About the United Kingdom, France and Germany, he accused them of not "keeping their promises".

Rohani reiterated that Iran will maintain its position to gradually reduce its commitments included in the agreement every two months. He recalled that the country has already implemented three stages of these reductions and will continue to do so until the European countries that remain in the agreement resume what they had promised.

"If they resume their commitments, we will do the same. If they do not resume, we will continue to reduce ours," he warned.

"In the first step, we reduced commitments on the amount of our enriched uranium reserves and exceeded the 300 kilogram limit. In addition, we mentioned our position on heavy water (under the nuclear agreement, Iran has a 130-ton reserve limit). ) ", he added.

In July, in Iran's second step, Iran "ignored" its enrichment with the 3.67% purity that the deal marks as a ceiling and surpassed that level.

"We increased our level of enrichment and reached 4.5%," said Rohani.

Last year, the United States withdrew from the sealed nuclear deal in 2015 between Iran and the world's six largest powers and imposed tough sanctions on Iran.

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