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Internet Hall of Fame includes Brazilian responsible for national network of …

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The Internet Hall of Fame has announced the names of eleven pioneers and visionaries who have made global contributions to the Internet, including Brazilian Michael Stanton. All Hall nominees were honored at a special ceremony in the capital of Costa Rica for "helping shape the current Internet, expanding its reach to new regions and communities, paving the way for a greater understanding of how the Internet works, and broadening security to increase user trust on the network ".


Program raises awareness through games and activities, teaching responsible conduct on the internet

Michael Stanton was recognized for his contributions to bringing the Internet to Brazil and for his participation in the design and deployment of scalable optical networks in South America and its intercontinental connections to the United States, Africa and Europe. The honoree also helped the Brazilian government build the first national research network in the country after starting a national conversation about the need for it, coordinating the creation.

Michael Stanton was director of the computer department of the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC / Rio) in 1987, and called on Brazilian computer, science and engineering researchers, government officials and the state telecommunications provider to discuss the construction of a only national research network with access to the outside world. In 1989 the government supported this initiative by launching a project to build the National Research Network, or RNP (now the National Education and Research Network). And it was in 1990 that Stanton joined the coordination team responsible for bringing the internet to Brazil in 1992.

“The Internet in Brazil began in 1992 with RNP, which continues to expand and improve its network and information services offering to the national research and education community, and I am delighted to be included in the Hall of Fame for my contributions. to this achievement collective, "says Michael.


Researchers used completely new protocol to enable innovation

As innovation director in 2002, Stanton led the team promoting the development of new application services and became active in the design and development of new networks for both RNP in Brazil and RNP's international partners, especially interconnecting networks. in Latin America with the US, and recently with Europe and Africa.

Other nominees from 2019 are from countries: Japan, United States, Africa, Netherlands and Peru.

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