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Intel launches new Core X processors for half price from previous generation

by Ace Damon
Intel lança novos processadores Core X por metade do preço da geração anterior

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Intel today launched four new Cascade Lake-X Core X processors that focus on professional and enthusiast use. In addition to new technologies and improvements in specifications, what stood out were the prices – which were halved compared to the last generation.

The processors released were the Intel Core i9-10980XE, 10940X, 10920X and 10900X. Starting with what got the most attention, the Intel Core i9-10900X hits the market costing $ 590, a significant reduction from the launch price of its predecessor, the Core i9-9900X. Another detail is that both have the same number of cores and threads (10 and 20, respectively).

The flagship Core i9-10980XE of this generation costs $ 979, which is half the value of 9980X and very close to 9900X. As Tom's Hardware mentions, this represents a nearly 50% drop in core value from one generation to the next – from $ 100 to $ 50.

Another highlight is that Intel has increased the operating frequencies of its processors – something close to 300MHz more in the clock boost of most models. The company is working on a new generation Turbo Boost that "accelerates" up to four cores to higher levels, while the current one can only do so in two.


This optimization should make multi-core CPU machines faster.

This feature becomes even more interesting if we remember that Windows, after its next major upgrade, will be able to identify your processor's favorite cores.

The manufacturing process remains at 14nm, and other specification improvements include:

– Memory support extended to 2933MHz
– Up to 256GB DDR4 memory
– 72 PCI-Express 3.0 lines

Intel launches new Core X processors for half price from previous generation

One thing about PCIe lines is that if you use previous X299 motherboards, you will not have access to this specific 72-channel upgrade, exclusive to future motherboards that will be released with this new generation.

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