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In Vila Belmiro, Bolsonaro divides Santos in draw with São Paulo

by Ace Damon
In Vila Belmiro, Bolsonaro divides Santos in draw with São Paulo

The appearance of Jair Bolsonaro in Vila Belmiro, the president's first at the stadium during the term of office, was surrounded by care. Revered and also hostile, he left the stadium before the 1-1 draw ended between Santos and Sao Paulo, valid for round 33 of the Brazilian championship.
The politician arrived at the scene about an hour before departure after leaving Fort Andradas, in Guarujá, also on the south coast of São Paulo.

Bolsonaro changed the initial plan outlined for your personal safety. Escorted, he made the longest route, using a car and an exclusive ferry to meet his entourage.

Initially, it was expected that he would land by helicopter in the field of Portuguesa Santista, less than 1km away from Vila Belmiro, and there was the recommendation to enter with the match already underway.

The option to use a car was personal to the president. The care of their safety has increased due to a series of mobilizations from Santos, who demonstrated against Jair Bolsonaro's presence in Vila Belmiro.

The rejection of the politician going to the stadium was defended by the main organized crowd of the team, Jovem. During the match, however, there was no demonstration against the politician.

This Saturday, the group directed their attention to the Argentine coach Jorge Sampaoli. A banner with the words "#FicaSampaoli" was displayed inside Vila Belmiro.

The Santos campaign for the Argentine's stay began in recent weeks, in the final minutes of Santos's 3-0 win over Goiás, last Saturday (9), in Goiânia, for the 32nd round of the Brazilian.

Out of target, Bolsonaro was greeted by the club president, Jose Carlos Peres, and the mayor of the city, Paulo Alexandre Barbosa (PSDB), as well as former players like Edu and Clodoaldo Tavares Santana. Pelé informed through his advisory that he would not attend.

Announced by the stadium's sound system, Bolsonaro heard boos and shouts of "myth." A more enthusiastic supporter called him "militia".

The politician received from the hands of the top hat santista the number 10 shirt, considered the most mythical club because it was worn by Skin. Prior to the start of the match, he came down from the box to greet fans, but the action was soon interrupted by his safety after a push-start. An elderly man fell during the onset of turmoil.

During the game, Bolsonaro signed autographs and commented at Peres's ear. With the ball rolling, the president was forgotten by the Santos, who had a new target: right-back Daniel Alves, from São Paulo.

The player of the national team was the author of the São Paulo draw goal, which provoked the anger of fans who occupied the social sector. In the second half, the shirt 10 took advantage of cross Vitor Bueno and finished without chances for goalkeeper Everson.

The Santos had scored first, in penalty converted by the Uruguayan Carlos Sánchez, at the beginning of the confrontation. Daniel Alves was harassed by boos and curses when he touched the ball. He led discussions with Santos in the field.

With the draw, Santos adds 66 points, in the 3rd place of the Brazilian Championship. Already the São Paulo reached 53, is in 5th position that guarantees vacancy for the first phase of the Libertadores Cup of America of next season.

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