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In the US, bilateral meeting between Trump and Bolsonaro is uncertain and president makes …

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Although they spent much of Monday at the same hotel, the Intercontinental, two blocks from UN headquarters, President Jair Bolsonaro and his American counterpart Donald Trump did not meet and a bilateral meeting on Tuesday. has not been confirmed as the Brazilian will spend just over 30 hours in New York. Already Trump is the host of the 193 leaders that make up the UN General Assembly has the agenda full.

"There is very good will on both sides, we understand that he is in a moment of recovery. It is not clear if the conversation will be possible now, but if not, it will happen soon, certainly," one of the members told BBC News Brasil. of the White House entourage.

Similar speech was adopted by representatives of the Bolsonaro government. He underwent surgery to correct an abdominal hernia two weeks ago, and the president received resting medical recommendations, so he had to shorten his trip and cancel a series of bilateral meetings he would have in the United States.

"He thought it might be offensive if he found a leader and could not find others," said presidential international relations adviser Filipe Martins of the uncertainty of meeting Trump.

On Monday, the US president met with representatives from Pakistan, Poland, New Zealand, Singapore, Egypt and South Korea. The Bolsonaro government has adopted the United States as a priority partner in international relations.

Ill being in flight and suspense over speech

After days of suspense about the trip and speech in New York at the UN General Assembly, Bolsonaro came to the American city in silence. In addition to First Lady Michele, Minister of Institutional Security Office General Heleno, Minister of Government Secretary Luiz Eduardo Ramos, indigenous Ysani Kalapalo, Advisor Felipe Martins, Senator Nelson Trad and one of his sons, Federal Deputy Eduardo , accompany you on the trip.

Speaking of making statements while entering or leaving an event, this time, Bolsonaro avoided comments to the press. He arrived at the Intercontinental Hotel, where he is staying, an hour later than expected by his staff. Even escorted by scouts, the presidential entourage was eventually held back in the chaotic New York traffic.

On arrival at the hotel, Bolsonaro faced the shouts of a small group of Brazilians: "Amazon, yes, Bolsonaro, no," they shouted.

Although he appeared to be in a good mood, Bolsonaro would have felt pain during the flight caused by the change in air pressure. According to Martins, the president spent some time lying in the aircraft room, which is considered very unusual for his style.

At the hotel, Bolsonaro met with Heleno, Martins and Eduardo to review the last details of Tuesday's speech. Although I heard many suggestions, I would have insisted that the latest version of the text was true to its direct and authentic style.

His aides say he was very focused, aware of the importance of the message to the 192 world leaders who will soon be in the UN plenary. Unlike in Davos, when the Brazilian's speech was considered too short, this time he should use much of his time. The usual UN is 20 minutes.

The desire to maintain the suspense over the content of the speech was such that the press was not expected to receive the president's speech in advance, however, a common practice by the former army captain's predecessors.

Despite the climate of secrecy, Bolsonaro himself stated in lives on social networks that he intends to show the world that Brazil has the capacity to preserve its Amazon rainforest and that the country's sovereignty cannot be questioned. He also intends to make clear that Brazil has changed and should present as priorities of its agenda the traditional family values ​​and respect for religious precepts.

Protagonism of Eduardo

His father's need for rest and his intention to take over the Brazilian Embassy in Washington led Eduardo Bolsonaro, the son of the Brazilian president, to make commitments that Jair could not attend.

It was up to Eduardo to meet Monday with former Donald Trump communications strategist Steve Bannon and attend a Brazilian community dinner in New York. While Jair remains doubtful, Eduardo has also confirmed his presence at the reception dinner hosted by host Donald Trump on Tuesday at the Lotte hotel.

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