If Reality Is An Illusion… There Are No Aliens

by ace

Evolution took 4 billion years to get where we are today. The coincidental set of environments right to emerge biological mechanisms, that through generations of progression and mutations, tuned up to live on this planet, many species were left behind, wiped by evolution or under the constant failure of its process chosen by its species to be a failure.

It’s a straight improvement through millions and billions of years making a species survival to its environment, through adaptation. If consciousness emerges from these evolutionary mutations, it is safe to say our consciousness in an emerging result of our evolution as a biological being.

The brain, the soft tissue with millions of neurons firing up all the time but poorly understood wherein such a complex evolutionary building block of our body, is our consciousness located.
Science findings can’t reach a definitive conclusion since consciousness might arise from all the workings of the brain. They were a result and final representation of the inner brain workings of all the neurons together—no detecting place for the soul.

This brings up the idea that if the brain is made of matter, then we better first check what matter is made of. The brain also uses energy, but we will get there.
Zooming into the stuff that makes mater, we find atoms and the fundamental particles. Peeking further on and we reach the mysterious realm of the quantum void.

These studies reveal that 99.9% of what consists of being solid matter, turns out to be utterly void of mater, but a large unintuitive empty area of space where everything becomes a probability wave, where the particle has no definitive location until it is measured or observed.

Then, no solid stuff exists in a probability wave structured Universe, where you cannot predict where a particle will be unless it is observed; unless WE observe it.

This would make our reality very random if we were not prepared by our own evolution to decipher the waves of which we are also made, and make them a reality inside our brain. Our own reality decoded by one of our organs, tuned up by replication along millions of years to give us the only reality we need to survive.

We can compare the universe with a DVD layer. There is everything and nothing at the same time unless a decoder reads the disk and makes an image out of it. Giving it the pattern of images, sound and time duration of the experience.

Our brain is the ultimate tool for decoding the layer of the universe we live in. Not even time seems to be real, just an illusion created and decoded in our brain to make sense of conscious motion. Like the DVD layer…. time was always there, just needed to be decoded by a reasonable sentient species and then, to be observed, and thus, measured.

So, we learned how to decode a reality we don’t recognize and much less understand, just using the mechanisms of evolution and the complex brain workings to make sense of what is around us.

So, we are creating our reality as we go?

Or are we living in a pre-conceived Universe, that we are just observing and perceiving it as we keep living?

A lot of fiction and human imagination conditions are at play here as we can be fooled by our own reality measure. We need a machine to read the values for us.

Comes the double-slit experiment: individual electrons are fired into a wall with a double-slit between the origin and the detector measuring wall.
When observed, the electrons make up the expected double marks on the measured wall detector.
When no one is observing, a wave pattern emerges. Particles behaved like waves when no one was observing them, no one was decoding their function in our reality.

The result is scary – particles have a duality of behavior, they are waves of a probability observation, where the validation for a specific identity and location will be the observer rationalization where the shift is made and reveals what these waves are for the decoding brain, making then part of this observer’s world.

The Universe then is a vague idea where its underlying meaning doesn’t exist. Only waves of a probable reality that will be calculated in the observer’s consciousness. Built onto a pattern that will serve only the engineer of the structured mater, making no sense of logic to everyone else.

We don’t find the field where these waves exist, many fields are theorized by physics into every individual fundamental particle, along with several dimensions we can’t perceive, part of the same Universe. We just don’t have a biological use for them, it is easy to understand why they were disregard if we would once have the benefit of perceiving the reality that way.
Would we ever identify an alien?

How would we make a conscious choice to build an alien being detached from our past in our reality? Detached from our evolution?
It would imply the alien beings, through millions of years would have adapted and evolved almost exactly like human species have been surviving.

Our Universe, has a probabilistic energy wave machine, could harbor countless conscious species in its field of existence, or multi-verse. But we cannot acknowledge an approximation of what an alien being would look like in our reality.
How would we identify and pinpoint an intuitively reasonable observation of an external experience out of our reality and consciousness?

How would the alien being be aware of us?
The experience of reality would be fine-tuned for our feedback conscious processing to understand and build it into our brain. Everything in front of our eyes will be turned into energy inside the brain and replicated as we were used to reflecting our reality.

That requires specific energy levels of the concept reality we make up form the Universe probabilistic energy fields.
And if we throw more dimensions into existence than the 4 we are aware of, (three spatial dimensions and one dimension of time), things get way more complex. It’s like living in isolation from everyone else, then trying to make sense of it when it is presented to us. Would we ever understand what we would see?

Would aliens ever understand what are we? Or even perceive us?

There are at least 10 dimensions in the universe according to superstring theory, M-theory suggests 11 dimensions of spacetime and bosonic string theories suggest 26 dimensions.

If the Universe energy field contains infinite wavelengths along those different dimensions, we could live beside another earth full of alien beings and never be able to detect it. Let alone to communicate.

If their eyes see a different part of the light spectrum, would they ever see us as we are?
If they hear sounds in a different frequency, would they ever hear us? Or us them?

Once a physical being makes a wave probability has a meaning, its meaning will keep it in existence.

We have been underestimated the reasons why there would be another species in this universe. We don’t accept parallel universes and its implications, but even before we knew there were other planets around other stars, we were already scanning the skies with a radio telescope.

We define things relative to one another. But the Universe has nothing to measure itself against. From our perspective, and quantum field theory, we can make any prediction about the existence of the energy field density of the vacuum, even in those dimensions but how are to perceive and decode, might require another million years in evolution.


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