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Identity revealed of US diplomat’s wife who fatally hit British teen

by Ace Damon

The wife of an American diplomat who fatally struck a British teenager and left the country is Anne Sacoolas, Sky News reveals.

Sacoolas, 42, claimed diplomatic immunity and left the United Kingdom for America after 19-year-old Harry Dunn was killed in a frontal collision while riding his motorcycle.

Police believe Mrs. Sacoolas was on the wrong side of the road when she left RAF Croughton of Northamptonshire on August 27.

Harry Dunn's parents say the situation is "inhumane"

Sky News named her after revealing earlier that a deal gives diplomats and their families diplomatic immunity from the US espionage base.

Immunity generally only covers London-based diplomats and their dependents.

However, Sky News was informed that a special agreement had been in place since 1994 for this specific base.

Government ministers asked the American to return to the UK to answer questions about the incident.

Harry's father Tim Dunn told Sky News: "It's terrible, you can't have that precedence that you can have this immunity.

"It's basically saying you can do whatever you want and you'll be fine – it's wrong. That can't be right."

Harry's mother, Charlotte Charles, called it "inhumane".

Harry dunn

& # 39; President Trump, we are a ruined family & # 39;

Police told Sky News that initial findings showed that Harry was on the right side of the road, but that a woman who left the base the wrong way hit him head-on.

Sky News first revealed on Friday that the driver was believed to be the wife of an American diplomat.

Harry's family has launched a crowdfunding campaign to fight for justice, with one woman alone already promising £ 5,000.

Charlotte Charles told Sky News: "If we can't get justice, we will try to use the money to change the law so people can't kill and leave."

Business secretary Andrea Leadsom, the local family member, appealed to the woman to "close" the family.

She told Sky News: "I met Harry's family on Friday and they are totally devastated.

"It's just the most terrible tragedy and my heart clings to them. Anyone who knew them would realize this is heartbreaking.

"Obviously, I will do everything I can to make sure they get justice for Harry."

Andrea Leadsom speaking in Northamptonshire.

Leadsom: "I will do everything I can to get justice"

The US embassy confirmed to Sky News that the woman left the United Kingdom.

It is understood that someone on the American side told the family to return to the US.

A spokesman said, "This type of case gets intense attention at the highest levels and all cases are carefully considered given the overall impact these decisions have."

Cabinet Minister Robert Jenrick told Sky News that Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab had spoken with the US ambassador and "made it clear that we were disappointed that the woman involved in this incident left the United Kingdom on diplomatic immunity."

Sky News attempted to contact Ms. Sacoolas for comment, but failed to do so as she did not return to her original US address.


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