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Hyundai Canada CEO: Future of auto retail is online, but showrooms to stay

by ace

TORONTO – Hyundai Canada director says the future of car buying is online to some extent.

President and CEO Don Romano says the company, which launched its Genesis line of high-end cars as an online only option in 2016, has learned that many buyers still want to enter a showroom.

Romano says the company, which also introduced fixed prices with the Genesis line to eliminate bargains, has partnered with agents with physical showrooms to attract those who wish to navigate in person.

Speaking at Elevate's technology conference in Toronto, Romano said that while dealerships still play a role, the company is working to move much of the online car buying process to improve a process that the vast majority of car buyers have. Cars do not like.

Hyundai has pioneered leading auto companies to change online shopping, although Telsa Inc. has been selling vehicles online for years and others are moving more into space.

The company launched a new online portal in Hyundai Canada last year that allows customers to build and price their model, get a firm quote on the exchange value, go through an online credit application and book a test. -drive.

This report from The Canadian Press was first published on September 26, 2019.


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