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HP is expected to end nearly 9,000 job restructuring jobs

by Ace Damon

HP has announced a restructuring of its business, saying it will seek to simplify its operations. This simplification could be costly for company employees, as the changes could bring 7 to 9,000 layoffs over the next three years.

Hewlett Packard has been struggling in recent years with declines in some sectors of the company, such as the division focused on printers and printing technologies.

Recently, the company announced plans to restructure its business that would be put in place over the next three years, but some points, especially the headcount reduction, have been confirmed only now.

According to HP, about 16 percent of its employees, a number that could range from 7,000 to 9,000 people, will be fired to meet the goals the company intends to achieve. Unfortunately, this is something that happens quite often in large companies, but it came shortly after the company's board of directors secured the $ 5 billion buyback of its shareholders and directors.

HP President and CEO Enrique Lores said the following:

We are taking bold actions to embark on our next chapter. We have seen a significant opportunity to create more value for our actions, and we will do so by strengthening our leadership, moving industries and aggressively transforming the way we work. We will become a more consumer focused and digitally capable company that will lead to innovation with purpose.

For now, the company has not revealed what will be this path promised by Lores, but this should be public in the coming years.

Via: Tweaktown Source: HP


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