How to Rebuild a Broken Relationship

How to Rebuild a Broken Relationship

So, you’ve met the love of your life. He’s great because he takes care of you, he’s there for all your family events, he calls you all the time, and he even gives in to what you want when you go out.

Yes, everything’s fine and dandy, except for one thing: your insecurities are slowly taking its toll and you don’t know just how long your foundation lasts until it finally crumbles into smithereens.

Your now trying to rebuild a broken relationship, on the mend before you truly part destinies. You know that you want him in your life. Hence, letting him go forever is out of the question.

You do have to do something about it, though, because if this continues, you could stay in Splitsville forever. It helps to understand where he’s coming from because there might be a good explanation as to why your personalities are clashing. Target the problem and forgive each other for mistakes made.

Everyone makes mistakes, including you. Accept that in order to rebuild a broken relationship that was once so sweet. Anger is actually a sign that he cares about you still.

There are so many possible explanations as to why you’ve been experiencing problems. Look below because there’s always something you can do if you think that what you have is worth saving:

You’re not feeling validated:

You think highly of each other, but sometimes, you don’t say it often enough. While actions do speak louder than words, words are still important.

When you’re not dishing out the sweet wonderful words, you’re relationship will feel as if something’s missing. It’s not about validating each other all the time, but rather, it’s about showing some appreciation when you do something sweet and meaningful.

You’ll see that when you show him that you adore him, he’ll feel more secure about your relationship and he’ll do the same thing for you as well.

You’re insecure by nature:

While some people look good, they feel that they’re unattractive. This could stem from childhood experiences. The teasing in the park and the bullying at school can have lasting effects on a person.

Some people need professional help when the scars run deep, but for most people, you can simply guide them and show them what their talents are. Yes, nobody’s perfect, but he loves you for the total package.

The next time you feel that you’re not good enough, tell him how you feel and you’ll be surprised at the great things he sees in you.

You’ve been cheated on in the past:

You can’t blame him for your past, and neither can he. Yes, you’ve met people who have jerked you around, and you’ve somehow lost faith in men. This is actually unfair for him.

This is when you two need to sit down and seriously talk about the situation. Let him know that while your experience could have been entirely traumatic, it’s only fair that you start fresh with him and not form any preconceived notions about what kind of person he is.

Be sincere. You might need time, but the fact that you’re willing to change speaks volumes.