How To Find The Right Coach To Push You To The Next Step And In The Right Direction
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How To Find The Right Coach To Push You To The Next Step And In The Right Direction

It’s very difficult to figure out anything, or to get clarity or motivation without a coach or a mentor. That’s why you should choose a mentor but make sure that mentor is accessible, that they have similar goals and knowledge, that they are consistent in their advice, and finally that there is some downtime between that advice you get, you taking action on that advice and meeting with them again.

Many internet marketers, gurus and successful business people will give you advice. Almost all of them have courses or blogs, or books you can purchase. But, you need to find at least one mentor where you can talk to them face to face, online, personally by e-mail or on the phone. This is very important because anyone can give you advice in a blog, post or book but they aren’t speaking directly to you.

It really helps if you explain your situation, your problem, your dilemma and then they give you advice specific to you. You can say, I’m going to be launching this product, what should I change, Here is the web page or sales letter, what should be added or removed, What should my next product be, What am I missing right now in my business as far as my subscribers or my offers that should be improved, Find a coach that offers a coaching program where at least you have some accessibility and you can personally contact them, at least a couple of times per year, to get your problems solved.

It doesn’t do you any good if you are corresponding with a coach that gives you advice that you shouldn’t take action on. That’s why when you figure out who you’re getting your advice from, this person should have similar knowledge and similar goals as you. That means that if you are running an internet marketing business, you shouldn’t get coached by a real estate expert. They are not going to know the ins and outs of your business as well as an internet marketing coach. Make sure you have similar knowledge and goals as this coach.

Getting advice is good, getting the correct advice is even better, but now you also have to take action on that advice. That’s why you shouldn’t deal with a coach that is too accessible. Join a coaching program where you meet once a month or once a week, but in between that time get stuff done. Accomplish those tasks so you will have results and measurements to report back on, and then you can move onto the next step. If you get advice over and over from a coach what are the options, Either to give you different advice this time or repeat the advice from before, it works a lot better if you’re at step number one, they tell you what to do, then you meet again when you’re at step number two and so on.

When you’re finding the right mentor or coach choose one with a coaching program where they’re accessible. Make sure they have similar goals and knowledge as you and make sure there is downtime between meetings so you can take some action and get some results.