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Hong Kong protesters vandalize train station, hurl firebombs as police deploy…

by ace

Hong Kong police fired tear gas at protesters who vandalized a train station, erected barricades and started fires at the most recent anti-Beijing rally this weekend.

The Chinese city is facing its 16th consecutive week of street protests, which initially aimed to block a controversial extradition law but continued long after the legislation was extinguished. On Saturday, thousands of protesters gathered in Tuen Mun, a satellite city located in the New Territories.

Some surreal footage was filmed in the small town, showing activists huddled behind a barricade they had erected and were throwing brick by the dozen – and some gas stations – with no law enforcement at all.

Police fired tear gas on Tuen Hop Street and protesters tried to slow down the advance with Molotov cocktails. Today there are fewer protesters on the front line, so they abandoned their positions here very quickly pic.twitter.com/FuqRG6qt3d

– Aaron Mc Nicholas (@aaronMCN) September 21, 2019

The logic was that a littered road would be harder for the police to advance in their positions. Before, in the same place, other protesters were raining umbrellas on the comrades preparing for battle.

The violence on Saturday came after a protest march that was presented as an event against the so-called Ladies, singing and dancing artists who favor Tuen Mun Park and who are seen as a nuisance by many residents. This was done to obtain a permit for collection.

The slogans shifted to the usual "freedom for Hong Kong" demands as the march began. Some protesters in front of City Hall shot down and tried to set fire to the Chinese national flag, leaving little doubt about their agenda. His fire match skills, however, left much to be desired.

Public transport services were suspended in the area as operators feared the protest would disturb passengers. A light rail station was closed as buses passing through the area were diverted.

The precaution seems to have been justified when some more militant protesters vandalized the station.

Tensions increased and police began to use force to disperse protesters, firing tear gas and making several arrests.

Worn police ammunition was later collected by protesters and shown to reporters and others covering the event.

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