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Hong Kong Police Invade Polytechnic University Campus

by Ace Damon
Hong Kong Police Invade Polytechnic University Campus

Hong Kong police stormed a university campus early on Monday (Sunday night in mainland Portugal) after a night siege that included tear gas and water cannons against anti-government protesters.

Protesters barricaded themselves at Hong Kong Polytechnic University for several days, fighting back with artisanal incendiary bombs and archery fire.

Police surrounded the area on Sunday night and began moving forward, launching an ultimatum for protesters to leave the scene. The crowd wore raincoats and umbrellas to protect themselves.

The riot police went into action before dawn.

This morning police had already fired tear gas at protesters at Hong Kong Polytechnic University, at a time when parliamentary opposition criticized the Chinese military, which on Saturday was pulling rubble off the streets.

Riot police lined up a few hundred meters and fired several tear gas grenades at the protesters, sheltering behind a 'wall' of umbrellas.

Also Saturday night had been marked by intense clashes, in which the two sides exchanged tear gas and incendiary bombs that left fires in the street.

Many protesters withdrew into the campus, where they blocked entrances and set up access control points.

The protesters, who occupied several major campuses over the past week, have retreated almost completely, except for a contingent remaining at the Polytechnic University.

The same group is also blocking access to one of the three main road tunnels linking Hong Kong Island with the rest of the city.

A policeman was shot in the leg today by an arrow fired by anti-government and pro-democracy protesters, security forces said, which reinforced the operation with a water cannon.

The social challenge was triggered by a proposal to amend the extradition law, which would allow the Government and the courts of the special administrative region to extradite suspected criminals to jurisdictions without prior agreements, such as mainland China.

The proposal has, however, been formally withdrawn, but demonstrations have become widespread and now call for the implementation of universal suffrage in the territory, the resignation of the current head of government, Carrie Lam, an independent investigation into police violence and the release of detainees throughout of the protests.

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