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Hitch businessman on the Internet, beat him and bury him alive

by Ace Damon
Hitch businessman on the Internet, beat him and bury him alive

The Spanish Civil Guard detained in Zaragoza a woman and a man. They are mainly responsible for the death of a businessman, who has been missing since September, who was beaten and buried alive.

Hedangelin Lanzadábal, a 34-year-old Venezuelan woman who pretended to be the "Sweet Angel" on the Internet, was arrested, along with fellow Achraf Elbouti, a 35-year-old Moroccan.

The two are the main suspects of having murdered José Antonio Delgado, attracted to a meeting in Zaragoza through social networks. According to the Civil Guardia, the man was buried alive by the pair.

Fatal Attraction

The man, who lived in the Basque Country, was tricked through the social network "Badoo". His wife had promised him sex if he went to Zaragoza. The man did so and on September 6 arrived in town to spend what would be a romantic weekend with the killer herself.

With no news from the man, the family members reported him missing on 9 September. On the 26th they were confirmed that the worst indeed happened after police found the man's corpse.

According to the newspaper El País, the man still had dirt on his nose, trachea and esophagus, indications that he could still be alive when he was buried. The victim was beaten to steal her bank cards. Following the blows, nine ribs were broken, in further evidence of the violence with which the man was murdered.

Strategy repeated with other targets

This was not the first time the couple acted in this way. The Guardia Civil has two other reports of similar cases that occurred in Zaragoza. Another man attracted to the pair spent all day tied to a tree. The blows that were dealt to him were so violent that they left him disoriented.

In the latter case, they were less cautious and left clues everywhere. They used the victim's ATM cards and tried to sell the car in Zaragoza. Enough signals for the police to find and stop them. Authorities also believe that the pre-trial detention would be accompanied by another man whose whereabouts are unknown.




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