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Happy birthday Mrs. Obama? Trump admin replaces Michelle’s ‘healthy school…

by ace

The US Department of Agriculture has announced new rules for school lunches, which could see the fruits and vegetables advocated by Michelle Obama replaced by pizza and chips. The changes were announced on the anniversary of the former first lady.

USDA Deputy Undersecretary Brandon Lipps revealed the change on Friday. In order to reduce food waste, the new rules will allow schools to reduce the amount of fruits and vegetables served for breakfast and lunch, effectively freeing them to offset calories with pizza, hamburgers, fries and snacks .

Food industry lobbyists have been pushing for these changes since the beginning of Donald Trump's presidency.

Until now, federal guidelines have required that children fed by the USDA Nutrition and Food Service – nearly 30 million of them in 99,000 schools – receive low-fat milk, reduced portion sizes, more fruits and vegetables and less salt, sugar and fat .

The 2010 Act for Healthy and Hunger-Free Children was the achievement of former First Lady Michelle Obama and, given that the commander-in-chief who loves McDonald & # 39; s devoted much of his presidency to overthrowing the legacy of Barack Obama, it is hard to imagine that Trump did not help in choosing Friday – Michelle Obama's birthday – for the USDA announcement.

The change may prove unpopular with parents and nutritionists, but school-age children are sure to be happy. When Obama-era lunches arrived at coffee shops in 2014, children shared Photos of their lunch trays on Twitter, complaining about the "raw" meals that were served.

Those same kids took to Twitter again on Friday to chase the former first lady for "ruining the school lunch".

happy birthday, but why did you ruin my school lunch, Michelle?

– ? (@jovanixflores) January 17, 2020

although Michelle obama is here, high school will never be able to forgive her for what she did at our lunches https://t.co/u0btuUyC5F

– ♡ ⁷ (@chimslovelys) January 17, 2020

The fact that Michelle Obama ruined the school lunch is the only truly bipartisan political position left

– Dylan (@dminiiii) January 11, 2020

Even older Republicans took the opportunity to engage in a childish Obama coup:

Who the hell is Michelle Obama to tell schools what they can serve children for lunch? So what if it's her birthday? Happy Birthday! Now pass the burger and fries https://t.co/GmitOOwLml

– Dinesh D & # 39; Souza (@DineshDSouza) January 17, 2020

Last year, when the Trump administration lifted restrictions on the content of milk and sodium in school lunches, the USDA concluded in a report that Obama's lunch plan "had a positive and significant influence on nutritional quality" and reduced the "empty calories" served to students.

Try saying this to a third grader who is facing a bowl of broccoli.

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