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Guaidó is prevented from entering the Venezuelan Parliament

by Ace Damon
Guaidó is prevented from entering the Venezuelan Parliament

A group of the Bolivarian National Police of Venezuela (BNP) has prevented the president of the National Assembly, Juan Guaidó, and other deputies from entering the House on Sunday (5) to vote on the new board of directors of the House.

"The Army, the National Guard (Bolivarian, GNB), the police. They are all trying the possible mechanisms to (avoid) the reelection of a board of directors that has the capacity to change Venezuela. It is the dictatorship that forbids it," declared Guaido after being barred from entering.

Faced with the police blockade, in which all agents were wearing riot gear helmets, the opposition leader and self-proclaimed president of the country stated that the attitude represents yet another manifestation of the dictatorship. "No matter what form the parliamentary session takes, they will find room for it to take place," said the opposing leader.

A session of the National Assembly is scheduled for this Sunday (5) in which Parliament's steering team will be elected, and Guaidó aims to be reelected as president, a key role in maintaining the arm wrestling against the government of Nicolás Maduro.

Following the interpretation of various constitutional norms, the parliamentarian assumed in January 2019 the position of interim president of Venezuela, a position in which he has already been recognized by almost 60 countries.

After stopping him from entering, a PNB colonel went to Guaido and assured him that they were not trying to forbid his entry or disrespect, but only to secure his orderly entry into the building.

Release only after voting

Police officers later authorized the Speaker of Parliament to undergo initial control and then access the House. From then on, they began to allow deputies to enter one by one. However, by the time Guaidó and most of the opposition deputies entered the plenary, the vote had already been completed.

On the other hand, parliamentarians who are part of the official Bloque de la Patria, as well as members of the opposition who moved away from the Guaido line at the last minute, entered without problems.

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