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Google Pay now allows debit card purchases

by Ace Damon
Google Pay now allows debit card purchases

Google Pay now allows debit card payments here in Brazil, the change was announced on Monday by Google and should take advantage of the large number of Brazilians with Android smartphones. This type of payment was not accepted because of the high number of card frauds in Brazil, which Google said it resolved, although no details were revealed about how this happened.

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João Felix, responsible for Google Pay in Latin America, said Brazil has 60 million debit card holders, while credit card holders total 50 million. By allowing debit card payments, Google increases its target market, he added.


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According to Google, it will not charge card retailers, issuers, or processors for the use of its debit payment platform. The idea, says Felix, is to increase the use of functionality through Android smartphone users. The new functionality is valid for sites and apps that accept Google Pay as a payment method.

Previously it was even possible to make payments by Google Pay by debit, but only at the time of purchase in a physical store and through NFC devices using the contactless model.

With only 50 of 210 million Brazilians having access to credit cards, Google comments that for those who don't have it, the online shopping experience is severely compromised because paying with slips can be a daunting task for users.

Issuers that will allow the use of the Google Pay debit function include Banco do Brasil SA, Banco Bradesco SA, Itaú Unibanco Holding SA. Also the Mastercard, Visa, Elo card networks, as well as the Rappi and iFood e-commerce platforms. Check out others below for the recent Google Pay update.

Google Pay now allows debit card purchases

Source: Google


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