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Google Camera 7.3 Port Reaches the Entire Pixel Line with Astrography Mode

by Ace Damon
Google Camera 7.3 Port Reaches the Entire Pixel Line with Astrography Mode

One of the apps that is becoming increasingly popular with Android users is Google Camera (or also known as GCam), which despite being an exclusive app for the Pixel line, many people and developers mobilize to bring the app. to other devices, promising big quality leaps in photos.

Recently, the new Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL have received the new update for the Camera app, coming to version 7.2 and bringing some new features like Astrography mode, which aims to make the smartphone lens take pictures of stars , constellations and other cosmic reactions.

Image Credits – Droid Life

Thanks to the efforts of the community of the well-known forum of the site XDA-Developers, is available a port of Google Camera 7.2, initially available only for all smartphones of the Pixel line, which besides bringing the Astrography mode, with the arrival. Super Res Zoom option, giving higher quality to photos that are captured as zoom enabled.

Check out all the news in this ported version of Google Camera 7.2 for the Pixel line:


While the Google Pixel 4 costs about $ 3300, Samsung's phone sells for $ 5999

  • Astrography mode enabled for Google Pixel 1 and 2
  • Enabled focus options in night mode (along with "infinity" – can be the same)
  • Modified Portrait Depth Learning Library (Pixel 2)
  • Super Res Zoom enabled while zoomed or in night vision mode (no zoom required)
  • Self-timer enabled, available on selfie camera, Timer options
  • Synthetic fill flash is enabled on Pixel 2 and SFF in Camera mode for Pixel 3a.

As a result, it is likely that we will soon see several Google Camera version 7.3 ports for numerous smartphones, as previous versions of Gcam are typically derived from these modifications made to Google phones.

If you have a Google Pixel 3 or lower, you may be downloading the modification in this link.

Source: XDA Developers
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