Global Warming Strengthens The Impact Of Human Activity On The Planet

by ace

Scientists are 99% sure that humans caused global warming Report strengthens the impact of human activity on the planet.

It is not news that man has a great deal of responsibility for global warming and climate change.

According to a study published in the journal Nature Climate Change, the certainties of this fact have increased, and it is believed that there is a one in a million chance that climate change is being caused by any factor other than the action of humans.

Scientists have concluded from analyzing a database of satellites that have been collecting information for over 40 years.

The work was designed to investigate three sets of previous data, including the knowledge present in the Charney report.

Published in 1979, the study by the National Academy of Sciences of the United States was one of the first studies on carbon dioxide and climate change.

Global warming will be twice as bad for the US as the 2008 crisis In the study.

Researchers say they hit the “gold standard” at the level of certainty that humans are responsible for climate change and global warming.

“Humanity can not ignore these clear signs,” concludes the report.

Further research has already proven that the planet is heating up and that natural disasters have become more common.

This is because, among other things, humans are burning fossil fuels and cutting down trees that absorb CO2 – so the gases get “trapped” in our sweltering atmosphere.

The melting of the polar ice caps, rising sea level, and global temperatures are some of the other noticeable changes daily.

The latest report published by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reinforces the need for changes to occur as soon as possible.

According to the organization, if temperatures continue to rise, the planet Earth may have even more devastating consequences.

Perhaps the average citizen is so unconcerned with measures to preserve the environment and reduce the use of natural resources because, despite the knowledge that this is important, there is no direct impact to generate action.

It is hard to scratch yourself to solve a problem if you can not see how this problem affects you directly, however much it is generally known, and this has to do with our discontinuous mind, the way the human being sees reality.

But the lack of direct impact of environmental problems on our lives, unfortunately, is already very close to the end, at least according to some scientists.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, scientist James Lovelock said there is no longer any way to reverse the global warming process and that 6 billion people will die within the next 100 years, victims of natural disasters caused by temperature changes and destruction of ecosystems.

According to him, Europe will gain desert temperatures, Berlin will be hot as Baghdad, floods will ravage London, and all this until 2040.


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