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Get your popcorn? Trump & Comey to face off…in TV drama series

by Ace Damon
Get your popcorn? Trump & Comey to face off…in TV drama series

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Russiagate may have failed, but efforts to profit from the resulting hysteria have just begun. CBS Studios will make a TV show based on unmasked conspiracy theory, with some already joking that will certainly not be biased.

The media giant called Jeff Daniels – known for his roles in & # 39; The Newsroom & # 39; and & # 39; Dumb & Dumber & # 39; – to star former FBI director James Comey in a four-episode miniseries. Irish actor Brendan Gleeson will star as Trump.

The turn to the screen comes as a surprise, as Comey told journalist Katie Couric last year that her hope was "to be forgotten" after her visit to central Russiagate. But the attraction of the spotlight was obviously sufficient to nullify that hope.

"This is a strange thing (pause), but I hope to be forgotten."

– James Comey's answer, during his book tour, to Katie Couric's question about how he saw his * legacy * during the 2018 Aspen Ideas Festival … https://t.co/FlQSEinzeB


– James A. Gagliano (@JamesAGagliano) October 7, 2019

Needless to say, Twitter's reaction to news from the next series wasn't exactly enthusiastic.

"They couldn't pay me to watch this," one user I wrotewhile others sarcastically said it would be very “Fair and honest” Event account.

People also alluded to Comey's reputation for being sincere and quite enjoying hearing.

"There is no one in America interested in this advertising but Comey himself!" joined the conversation.


Nothing is a more powerful rebuttal to the late 2016 claim that "the Trump era will make good art" than the phrase "Jeff Daniels to star as James Comey".

– Daniel D & # 39; Addario (@DPD_) October 7, 2019

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