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Geniuses train a lot

by Ace Damon

In August 2012, I wrote a column titled "The country of the Negevs". At the time, the Flamengo player was treated as a future star and stood out for his skill and speed.

Negueba did not evolve. He lacked the lead, the technique of a great striker. Brazil was and still is full of players with these characteristics.

The ability is intimacy with the ball, not to lose it easily in front of the opponent, sometimes with beautiful dribbles and special effects.

Creativity is the ability to foresee and surprise.

The technique is the execution of the fundamentals of the position (passing, finishing, disarming, moving, collective vision and also the dribbling), as well as having the lucidity to make the right choices.

There is no ace without exceptional technique. Talent is the synthesis of skill, creativity, technique, and physical and emotional virtues.

Skill, creativity and technique begin to be formed in childhood and are enhanced during adolescence and basic categories. However, the technique to develop depends much more on orientation and training. Geniuses also train a lot.

Extremely skilled and creative players like Ronaldinho Gaucho and Maradona, became great stars because they also had great technique.

Cristiano Ronaldo It is much more technical than skillful. It is the biggest finisher in the world. Messi It is more complete because it combines skill, creativity and technique. It is masterful in its frame and completion of moves. Both train a lot.

Gabigol It is the player who plays in Brazilian football that finishes best. However, to billiards in the Brazilian team, will have to show other qualities. Vinicius Junior You will only become a star if you evolve the technical part, because you make a lot of mistakes in decisions.

The current list of players who play in Brazil, skilled and fast, but with little technique, is huge. Almost all clubs, even large ones, have at least one.

David from Cruzeiro is strong, fast, tall, skilled, but when we see it, he fails. One of the reasons for the persistence of poor results with Rogerio Ceni it was the individual deficiency of the cast, contrary to what most say. This strengthens the good work on average done by Mano Menezes.

Instead of Rogério Ceni, who should be fired is the club's board, incompetent and discredited.

The skilled, fast and good technique are the ones who go and stay in the selection, as Everton, from Grêmio. I repeat, for the thousandth time, that the national team, from mid to front, lacks players of exceptional technique, who are at the level of the best in the world in their positions. Neymar It is the exception.

In the last column, I asked if the lack of players with extraordinary technique had to do with poor preparation in the grassroots categories. Germany, in the team that made 7-1 in Brazil, did not have a single extremely skilled and fast player, but all but the improvised left-back had excellent technique.

The ideal is to unite the two styles, the technique and the collective talent, symbolized by the pass, with the individual talent, represented by the dribble, in the right place and at the right time. Skill is not synonymous with talent.

I realize and deduce from not seeing the training that Brazilian technicians, on average, scientific and serious, prioritize, from the base categories, much more skill and speed than creativity and technique.

We have to train more lucid, creative and technical players and less "quickies".

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