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Galaxy S20: All models of the new phone will have 12 GB of RAM [Rumor]

by Ace Damon
Galaxy S20: All models of the new phone will have 12 GB of RAM [Rumor]

Near its launch, several leaks about Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S20 family handsets are reported daily. Only today have we leaked important details about the upcoming handsets of the South Korean giant. Remembering that all information has not yet been confirmed by the company.

The first is precisely the name of the cell phone. Many people naturally called it S11, the success of S10. However the informant Ice universe (@UniverseIce), famous for leaking very reliable information about new phone launches, tweeted in December 2019, that perhaps Samsung's plans have changed this year, and probably the new family of phones will be called Galaxy S20. This time we will have 3 different models: Galaxy S20, S20 + and S20 Ultra.


If the rumors are correct, the S20 + will be an intermediate model.

Another leak is about the design of the device, supposedly real, through photographs released on the Internet. The front design is very similar to the Galaxy S10. The only difference apparently is the camera position, which will now be centered at the top of the screen. At the rear we have the set of 4 cameras aligned with the flash and a microphone. In addition, rumors point out that the flagship mobile phone of the S20 family, the Galaxy S20 Ultra, will come equipped with an impressive 108 MP main camera.


Samsung's new line of smartphones is due to be officially unveiled in February.

The new rumor about the Samsung Galaxy S20, again released by Ice universe, points out that all models (S20, S20 + and S20 Ultra) will have the same amount of RAM, which should be 12 GB LPDDR5. The current generation has 8 GB of RAM, except the S10 + and S10e models, with 12 GB and 6 GB respectively.

As with RAM, SoC and internal storage should be the same for the 3 models: Snapdragon 865 and 256 GB, respectively. In some regions, such as Europe, Snapdragon is expected to be replaced by Samsung's own SoC Exynos 990.

As 16 GB phones have not yet appeared on the market, it is quite likely that the only configuration for the S20 family will be with 12 GB of RAM. If Samsung will surprise us with a 16 GB model, we should wait until February 11, the date of the Galaxy UNPACKED, company event that will show the long-awaited Galaxy S20, and other announcements.

Source: gsmarena
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