Future Delayed – Mankind Path of Self Destruction

by ace

Watching T.V. series like Space 1999 they thought we already had a space station on the moon, flying space ships, at least solar system interplanetary capable and a few futuristic stuff looking odd today but still, they achieved it.

In “Back To The Future” we have hover cars and boards by 2016. And there are plenty more examples like these.
I sit back and wonder… what happened? Are we so dumb we got stuck in time?
I tried to travel back by looking at the music, the art, and the general popular culture, along with what our imagination was expecting the future to be. And oh my… are we getting dumber by the day.

When in the past we took pictures of monuments and landmarks, now we put our face in front of them, ruining the whole meaning, just to upload to some website feed to accommodate our narcissistic inner self.

We laugh at the looks of the ’80s, but we can’t write their music or have their fun.

And imagination wise?

I can only laugh very loud at that one. Imagination, despite a few exceptions, is gone.

Movies, conceptual art, and music seem to be toned down nowadays to gather a simple, sheep-like following. Copy-paste the same thing over and over.

Lots of reboots, that everyone finds useless and dumb down. Plenty of repetitive T.V. series, where always someone dies, you just change the place, the name, and the hospital.

We pack in shopping malls like consumer sheep instead of visiting new places, we don’t know our neighbors anymore, politicians and bank managers corrupt as days go by.

The only thing keeping us of a third-world-war is the weaponry capable of wiping out the whole civilization of the map. So, what is keeping us from going into war is our fear that nothing survives, or I guess it would already have happened.
I have no idea what went wrong, and I really don’t care anymore. It got so bad that the few people that enjoy life are giving up on understanding what is going on, and how come everyone is so blind.

People don’t find love to make a living, they want to get out of their parents’ home as fast as possible with someone, maybe marry him or her if needed, we can always divorce as soon we get a stable job. Maybe we can try and have kids if it doesn’t go well we can ask for money to keep raising them and keep visits so the children don’t miss either his or her parents.
Sure, this is starting to look like a social experiment. Our whole life becomes a series of experiments, dumb multi-media wastes of time and useless narcissistic attitudes that will only make you feel even more lonely in the end.

Funny – we laugh at how bad stupid the comedy was a few decades ago, but today we can’t have their fun or even repeat some of that comedy – right?
And the kids of today? The future of tomorrow?
Oh my, that one only very few will ever notice how art was appreciated, in all its forms.

The meaningless and retarded, sprinkled with ugly, music, movies, painting, architecture, reality T.V. and the actual psychodrama of internet personal life feeds is guiding the kids of today into an idiot style of life, that will never question anything that will be thrown at them, no raw models, no achievement feelings, nothing. Just an empty tasteless fulfillment fed by the vulgar mentality and lackluster art.

How come we dare to reach what our past society imaginative members dreamed we could obtain by the 2000s when we are less authentic than ever today?
Millennials that seek to feed their inner self and find some talent to encourage their life path and be more than their surrounds today, will only find an empty, meaningless culture that will not give them tools and skills to break away from the filtered established rules.

The irony of having better and faster technology, with more availability than past decades, makes me scratch my head why we just get stuck in these irrelevant times.

Space programs of the 1960s, meaning, 50 years ago (!) had put a man on the moon with far less technology than our smartphones of today. Yet, we can’t go to Mars, even the probes sent there has a failure rate of more than 50%.
But they seem to can’t take their heads off Mars, while some missions show that some professionals there at NASA still aim for far and wide The New Horizons mission to far-away Pluto was a greater success than the last probe to Mars.

Same today within the void of our society. Inside this monumental failure, mankind is revealing to become in a few decades, there are still those pushing forward with innovative ideas and trying to give their best showing how we can be so much more.

We are getting prisoners of our desires, adapting our brain to easy and fast rewards for little to no work.
Smarter and more self-aware than animals, the human brain is destined to experience a mutation if we continue like this. Communication is getting worse and nothing useful is culturally shared and experienced anymore.

If you ignore the fast and easy choices we have at hands reach, and instead look inside for what we, as an individual want to achieve, you might find we have been fed from the hand that seems to make our lives easier and fun, but also making us sleepy through the whole ordeal.

When all the Steve Jobs, the Pink Floyds, the James Cameron’s of this world are gone, I am afraid we might start to witness either the upgrade of a new civilization, leaving behind the old ways that are tying us to a past mentality that just doesn’t work anymore; or to the decline of all that we could build when we were dreaming of a better place for everyone, we crossed the road to meet our neighbors, we eat food that tasted better, in our home, with our family.


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