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From the archive: street fashion in the summer of 1980

by Ace Damon

‘What's hot – or what is business? – in this summer? & # 39 ;, asked the Observer Magazine's Young Observer section of July 13, 1980 (& # 39; Street Fashion & # 39;). It seems like everything you want as long as you follow a particular group and style.

There's a rundown of teens about the definitions of rude mods, teds, skinheads, punks, boys and girls, and, oddly enough, "individuals" who prefer to adapt or paint old clothes or hunt rejections. Second-hand in cluttered sales.

Some did not know they were not as individual as they thought. Jerry, 15, wearing a tank top, said: "It takes me three quarters of an hour a day to do the quiff … I don't like any of the mods and skinheads – I'm an individual."

There was Dave, 16 years old. "I'm a punk rocker," he said. "You have to be yourself." He looked like Sid Vicious's absolute spit, as it were, with his dyed black hair, leather jacket, and metal bracelet. In fact, they all look so sweet. You realize it is their version of compliance and belonging.

Beverly, 16, said: "I was punk before I died, but my boyfriend is a skinhead and I changed because he asked me."

Mandy, 16, and her sister Kim, 14, were holding two copies of Cockney Rejects' Greatest Hits Vol 1. "Do you like our bums?" Mandy asked. Picking up a copy of Eric Partridge's Unconventional Slang and English Dictionary, I found she was referring to the split miniskirts.

Showcasing the growing entrepreneurial spirit of the next decade was rude girl Dawn, just 14 years old. "I took my Dunn's hat from Piccadilly and it cost 17 pounds," she said. ‘When I get bored with this lot, I will sell it to school friends. I sold all my skinheads stuff to buy this outfit. & # 39;

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