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Free parking for some NHS patients and visitors from April

by Ace Damon
Free parking for some NHS patients and visitors from April

Free parking for thousands of NHS patients and their visitors will be launched in England from April.

Blue badge holders and patients attending regular appointments for long-term health conditions will receive free hospital parking according to plans outlined today.

All England hospital funds are also expected to provide free parking at specific times for parents with sick overnight children and night shift staff.

Healthcare funds manage their own parking lots and reinvest profits in first-rate care.

The Department of Health was not planning to set aside funds to repay NHS funds that will see its finances affected by the Conservative Party manifesto.

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A department spokeswoman said trusts "will be supported" to ensure the policy does not affect care.

Dr. Moira Fraser-Pearce, director of Macmillan Cancer Support, called for other promises to be kept to see an "extremely necessary" increase in the NHS workforce.

"Cancer can be a huge burden on your finances, and in England parking a charged hospital – especially for those on regular treatment – can significantly increase this tension.

"This long-awaited announcement will be a game changer for many, allowing them to make commitments and focus on their health without the extra worry about their finances."

Saffron Cordery, chief executive officer of NHS Providers, said: "Funds want patients to be able to access care at minimal cost and maximum convenience. That's why many already offer parking concessions.

"But providing parking costs a cost. The government says it will ensure that these measures are enforced. But it is not clear how it will provide the payments necessary to offset trust.

"The danger is that it will be taken out of patient care funding."

One in three hospitals in England increased the cost of parking last year, according to an AP study.

Research showed that hospitals earned more than £ 254 million in parking by 2018/19 – a 10% increase over the previous year.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock said: "One of the concerns regularly mentioned at the doors is that vulnerable people and staff work nights need to pay for hospital parking.

"Today, the situation varies from hospital to hospital. In April across the country, people in greatest need, such as people with disabilities, parents who spend the night with sick children in the hospital and NHS staff working the night shift , they will no longer have to pay for parking ".

Undercover health secretary Jonathan Ashworth said: "Labor lawmakers have already campaigned to reduce hospital parking fees.

"But again, patients will have to look at the small print, as many will still have to pay the odds just because they are sick."


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