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‘For futur of you’re famly’: FBI seeks to recruit ‘Russian spies’ with…

by Ace Damon
‘For futur of you’re famly’: FBI seeks to recruit ‘Russian spies’ with...

The FBI sought to recruit "Russian spies" in Washington, DC through a series of Facebook ads – suggesting a certain desperation when it comes to counterintelligence assets, but also a serious lack of copy editing talent.

“The FBI gets the best intelligence to combat threats through information provided by the public. If you have information that could help the FBI, visit us, ”suggest the three announcements released September 11 in English. They are accompanied by photos with Russian subtitles.

"Time to build bridges," says one of them, about the drawing of a man crossing a bridge.

"Isn't it time to make your move?" Says another, showing a very unlikely arrangement of figures on a chessboard.

Presumably, the third should say "For your future and your family's future!", But managed to incorrectly type "future" (twice), "your" and "family", and lost a comma to initialize.

One thing the ads make clear is that the Bureau could actually use a real Russian linguist – unless the FBI was hoping to attract the attention of grammar advocates.

They also raise concerns that the FBI may be getting a little desperate as it is trying to recruit spies through Facebook. On the other hand, in a country where the mainstream media has managed to convince itself that the “Russian meddling” in the form of Facebook and Twitter ads has somehow influenced the 2016 election, anything is possible.

Facebook itself transparency tool, adopted in the midst of brouhaha about the alleged "Russian meddling", shows that the advertising campaign was launched on September 11 this year and is still active.

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"Pssst … Tell No One, But We Will Certainly" – Putin mocks the question of whether Russia plans to meddle in the 2020 US elections

The media that contacted the FBI after CNN broke the news about the ads on Wednesday received a canned statement from Alan E. Kohler Jr., special agent in charge of the Counterintelligence Division. from the Washington Field Office.

“We cannot comment except to note that Russia has a large number of intelligence officers based in Russian diplomatic facilities around the world. They are very active and pose a security risk to the US and our allies, ”Kohler said. "The FBI will use all available legal means to locate individuals with information that can help protect the United States from threats to our national security."

For the past three years, any Russian living in the US has been under a microscope, courtesy of the hysterical conspiracy promoted by the political establishment and the media about the "Kremlin collusion" with the Trump administration – which refuses to leave even after the special report. As a lawyer admitted there was nothing there.

One of the victims of this hysteria was Maria Butina, who came to Washington to study at American University and sought to promote US values ​​at home – such as gun ownership. As a result, she was arrested and imprisoned as a “Russian agent” and defamed by prosecutors and the media.

Adding insult to injury, the photograph in the criminal illiterate ad features a radiant family at her daughter's graduation.

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