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Football fans found rivals to match in Brasilia

by Ace Damon
Football fans found rivals to match in Brasilia

“The reader who only sees life through the lens of politics will find that the column is about a secretary of Culture who plagiarized from Goebbels, the phrase, the film and the heroic-nationalist cultural project. Or about a president who praises him at night and fires him in the morning, for an ‘unfortunate pronouncement’. But it is not", wrote Marcelo Leite, with the usual brilliance.

With a fair credit to those entitled to the appropriation of their text, they also do not intend to be political, much less scientific, just football.

Now, what are the president of Republik, your former secretary of Kultur, or your ministers of Education, From Inhuman Rights or of Later Relationships close to the Argentine coach Marcelo “El Loco” Bielsa, inspiring Jorge Sampaoli and admired by Pep Guardiola?

Alienist Dr. Simão Bacamarte would intern them all at Casa Verde de Machado de Assis and then I would release them to be alone in Patropi's general sanatorium.

Almir Pernambuquinho, to whom Saints owes his second world title, it would be Minister of Sport in the government of Jânio Quadros and Serginho Chulapa would succeed him in Fernando Collor, fascisms aside.

Anyone who is crazy about football knows what it is about and Freud would not be able to cope with the Brazilian fans, who were responsible for everything, because he believed in a bunch of crazy people whose goal, with imported method, is to confuse and not explain.

From Chacrinha to Donald Trump certain was the late journalist Geraldo Mayrink, for whom there were no limits to insanity, as Narcisa “Ai, que Loucura” Tamborindeguy, Ricardo Teixeira's ex-girlfriend, is there to prove it.

There is an urgent need to find someone to recover the key to the madhouse.

FC Contradictions

O Palm Trees won the Florida Cup and has not yet shown what it promises.

Felipe Melo is a good idea in the defense for quality ball output, but he needs time to adapt.

O Corinthians lost her when defeated by the Colombian Atlético Nacional 2-1 in a game that deserved to win 5-2, Boselli had not missed a penalty, kicked in the crossbar and Vagner Love wasted two unmissable goals.

The Argentine striker, intelligent, well positioned, good game vision, does not disappoint and the Brazilian seems at the end of a beautiful career. Gustagol is just folklore.

In the São Paulo Cup, Vasco, the protagonist of the best games of the tournament, stayed in the quarterfinals, while Corinthians, more in the old style of Fábio Carille than the new one of Tiago Nunes, because Dyego Coelho drank more in that one than in this one, is in the semifinals.

The unprecedented final could be Grenalzinho which will make only the fifth decision of Copinha, in 51, without a team from São Paulo.

But Corinthians and Oeste can make the 22nd only between teams from São Paulo.

Oh, Liverpool!

I like you, I want to sing to the whole world, the joy of being red. Count on me, Liverpool, above all, live good football.

The parody of the touching song that packs the Maracanã rubro-negro is not comparable to the hymn “You’ll Never Walk Alone” and is not made to trample anyone.

Just to pay homage to the frantic Anfield stadium that saw more a recital by Jürgen Klopp's team when cat and shoe the biggest rival Manchester United.

Only in the first half there were three goals, two, beautiful, canceled by VAR, and eight corners against none.

Finished 2 to 0; 4 to 1 would be better.


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