Flirting Dating - First Steps To Love

Flirting Dating – First Steps To Love

If you are successful at flirting, dating will follow closely.

So, how do you become successful at flirting, First, you have to know that flirting is an important step in attracting someone you are interested in. Flirting is fundamental but can also be very complicated.

If you have ever watched a nature show yo can see that flirting is not just important to humans but that all species flirt with each other in some form, whether it is a mating dance or a sound they make to attract one another.

flirting is very important.

There is so much advice out there for each one of us to follow on how to flirt with one another and this step is just as important as anything else but, what kind of advice can you find about how to know someone is flirting with you, How do you recognize the signs,

Have they smiled at you, If you caught someone’s eye and they smiled, this is a sign they are flirting.

When you caught their eye did the eye contact hold your attention for more than a moment, They are flirting dating will surely follow. If you are interested, return the smile or hold the look for a little longer.

Are they getting closer to you by walking by your table, Have they changed tables to be closer to you, If this is happening, they want your attention and possibly to get to know you better.

If you are a guy and there is a woman who seems like she is interested, she will somehow draw attention to her mouth.

Either by applying lip gloss or playing with the straw in her glass with her tongue.

A woman’s lips can absolutely drive you crazy with temptation.

She may also remove herself from her group of friends and isolate herself so the two of you can find a spot to be by yourselves and start to get to know each other.

If she smiles and makes eye contact and chooses to stay with her group of friends she may be too shy to step away from the comfort of her friends and you may have to approach her but you must be very careful, her friends will try to protect her.

If she has broken away from her ‘pack’ and the two of you do find yourselves alone.

Do not be surprised to see that she starts sitting the same way you are, or holding her drink they way you are. If you notice that she is doing these things she is probably very interested in you.

Other signs she is flirting with you are, playing with her hair, touching herself, or touching you.

She may twirl her hair or let some of it fall into her face to try on a more sexy look for you.

She may also touch her arms or her own hands so you look where she is touching. As the evening progresses she may elevate her touching to your hand, arm, or shoulder.

Now would be a good time to return the touch.

Just be careful to only touch a spot on her that she has touched on you. Otherwise you could be immediately labeled a pervert and she will get angry and walk away.

If everything has gone on without a hitch up to this point and she decides to enter your personal space, you can rest assured that she is very interested in you.

If you are confident that you now know how to read the signs of flirting dating is the obvious next step.

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