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Flir Announces FLIR MUVE C360, First Drone Gas Detector

by Ace Damon

Flir has just announced the FLIR MUVE C360, the industry's first drone gas detector. The new technology was announced during this week's DJI Airworks, where the company presented live how the product works. According to press reports at the event, Flir is rapidly evolving from producing thermal detector cameras to more refined tools such as the gas detector.

Flir Announces FLIR MUVE C360, First Drone Gas Detector

FLIR MUVE 360 Official Website

The new drone technology will help even more firefighters during emergency fire or disaster response. Preventing gas leakage helps to rescue victims who may be asphyxiated or prevent impending explosions. The FLIR MUVE C360 is currently compatible with the DJI Matrice 210 UAS platform.

The C360 features a photoionization detector and a set of advanced electrochemical sensors that provide continuous real-time monitoring of chemical hazards such as chlorine, carbon monoxide and other combustible gases. This feature will allow emergency and relief teams to remotely assess situations and select appropriate personal protective equipment. Fire crews will be able to monitor air quality around the environment before entering the hazardous location, and industry experts can more easily inspect inspections in hard-to-reach areas.


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FLIR is also launching FLIR VueLink, a piloting application that gives the drone pilot a plug-and-play interface on the MUVE C360. The app also included advanced flight control and an interface with FLIR Cloud.

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