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Fla reinforcements play triple and mark fivefold Palmeiras

by Ace Damon
Fla reinforcements play triple and mark fivefold Palmeiras

The fans and players of Palm trees ended 2018 celebrating the title of the Brazilian Championship and triumphing over those of Flamengo, who had once again stayed at almost. In 2019, in the duel between the two clubs with the highest investment capacity in the country, there was a turn.

It occurred precisely because the red-black investments turned out to be much more accurate than the livelihoods. The new faces of the Rio, Brazilian and South American champions played a decisive role in these achievements, while athletes hired by the São Paulo team did not have a positive impact significant.

The two teams meet on Sunday (1st), at 16h, at Allianz Park and with single crowd after CBF decision, which answered the request of the Public Prosecutor of São Paulo.

The Flemish hit nine players this year, and Palmeiras incorporated ten to their squad (account that does not include the Colombian striker Angulo, used only in the under-20 team). The difference in production is large.

The red-black midfielder has played 36.1 matches so far this season and was on the field for 2,893 minutes, scoring 11 goals. Alviverde played 13.8 matches and was on the field for 796 minutes, scoring 1.9 goals. The numbers were taken from the oGol website database.

The difference in goals gets even bigger if it is taken into account that seven of Palmeiras's ten reinforcements are strikers, with a total of 19 balls in the net. The three front men hired by the Libertadores champion (Arrascaeta, Bruno Henrique and Gabigol) add up to 89.

It is true that Flamengo spent more on buying new athletes. It was $ 164 million, against $ 119 million, but is not in this calculation the payment of commissions, gloves and salaries. And among Palmeiras expenses are those linked to the permanence of Marcos Rocha, Mayke and Gustavo Gómez, remnants of 2018.

Anyway, it's not hard to point out that the actual invested by the 2019 Brazilian winner they were better spent than the money spent by those trying to keep the cup won in 2018.

Suffice it to note that Palmeiras paid $ 25.2 million for striker Carlos Eduardo, who played 19 games and scored a goal. Flamengo disbursed R $ 23 million for Bruno Henrique, of the same position, who has scored 34 goals in 58 matches so far and was voted the best player in the Copa Libertadores.

The comparison is unfavorable to São Paulo in all levels of investment. In a similar price range to Bruno Henrique and Carlos Eduardo were Beque Rodrigo Caio, a key player in the red-black defensive system, and striker Zé Rafael, who alternated between the starting lineup and the green and white reserve, placing five Balls in the net.

Others cost less. By Pablo Marí, defender who quickly conquered his space in the squad, Flamengo took out of his pocket $ 5.5 million. It was the same amount spent by the Sao Paulo club in the forward Arthur Cabral, who played five games before being dispatched to Switzerland.

The cost is not always for the purchase of economic rights, however. With free players in the market, the usual is to negotiate with the athlete himself and his agents an acquisition value, the so-called gloves, which do not enter the account presented here.

Two of those who arrived in this condition for Palmeiras were the midfielder Ramires, who totals four games and 114 minutes with the alviverde shirt, and striker Luiz Adriano, who accumulates 14 games and 976 minutes.

Rafinha has 26 games and 2,136 minutes by Flamengo and was free in the market, as well as the left back Filipe Luís, 19 games and 1,543 minutes. They all arrived in the middle of the year.

Palmeiras did not make, for 2019, high investments such as those made by Flamengo to have in its cast midfielder Gerson ($ 50 million) and midfielder Arrascaeta ($ 63.7 million). But there was also a clear red-black superiority in loan arrangements.

Brazilian's top scorer and author of two goals in the Libertadores final, Gabriel Barbosa, the Gabigol, arrived by Inter Milan. Of the three loaned to Palmeiras – Ricardo Goulart, Felipe Pires and Henrique Dourado – only the last continues wearing the alviverde shirt (and totals 74 minutes on the field).

“It's no use thinking it's all wrong. We will maintain the cast and improve it, ”said football director alviverde, Alexandre Mattos, remembering that the team had won the Brazilian Championship in 2018 with a praised group of players.

The manager also pointed out that not all hires made this year sought an immediate return. This is the case of midfielder Matheus Fernandes, 21, in whom the club sees a useful play for the coming seasons.

“Sometimes we hire the guy to play right away. In some cases, it is a market opportunity that appears. In others, it is to prepare an option for the future, to create discomfort in the holder, ”said Mattos.

At Flamengo, only right-back João Lucas, 21, arrived as a plan for the future. The eight other reinforcements became important pieces in a historic campaign.

"It doesn't have to be any Midas. We hire players with a winning spirit. We need to know a little about football and understand their squad. We have a department that provides us with important information," said Marcos Braz, the vice president of red-black football.

Thus, in a period of one year and with right choices in the formation of the cast, the carioca team left almost to put yourself in the fray for the Club World Cup.

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