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Filmed woman agonizing with hypoglycemic crisis until death

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A 49-year-old man was arrested Wednesday on charges of letting his partner die in June in Viladecans, Barcelona, ​​Spain. While the victim suffered a bout of hypoglycemia, or a fall in sugar, the suspect filmed her in agony to death.

In a statement, quoted by the Spanish newspaper "El País", the Mossos d'Esquadra (Police of Catalonia) reported on Saturday that they detained the man in what is considered a "new case of gender violence", in which the suspect, in addition to not helping the victim, also filmed your suffering with the mobile phone.

The case occurred on June 18, in the municipality of Viladecans, which has about 66,000 inhabitants. The man went to the police station to warn that the woman had died in the house where they lived. Although the autopsy determined that the victim suffered a drop in sugar levels, authorities continued investigations on suspicion that a crime could have been committed for the omission of help.

Police sources said the investigators found that the victim had been subjected to "continuous abuse" and that the suspect had mobile phone videos in which he could view images of "abuse and agony". One of the images was precisely the woman dying during a hypoglycemic crisis without help. The detainee did not release the video, just kept it in his cell phone.

The autopsy also revealed that the woman suffered blows and bruises associated with being assaulted. The Mossos d'Esquadra did not report any previous complaints of abuse.

Officers from the Gavà police station, another municipality in Barcelona, ​​arrested the suspect, charged with three crimes after three months of investigation: murder, mistreatment and omission of help.

The man, of Argentine nationality, was on Thursday in the court of Gavà. He was in custody.

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