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Film with Mina Nercessian and Leticia Birkheuer addresses bachelorhood at 35

by Ace Damon
Film with Mina Nercessian and Leticia Birkheuer addresses bachelorhood at 35

Comedy 'Single Almost Freaking' shows what happens when a woman's life alone by conviction turns upside down

Film with Mina Nercessian and Leticia Birkheuer addresses bachelorhood at 35

With its theatrical release scheduled for March 12, the comedy Solteira Almost Surtando addresses in a good-humored way thorny themes for women: the arrival of early menopause, decreased fertility, the pressure to have children and marry and how to reconcile that with the career.

Mina Nercessian's script, which also stars in the feature film as Bia, shows how the dilemmas of this phase of female life can affect life. "This pressure on women to marry and have children starts in childhood. Since I understand myself, I’ve always heard that. Even in Disney movies, the young lady home, so you have to find someone and have children. It’s a pressure that it should be changed in our culture. Having children can be an option for some women and not for others ", she reflects.

In comedy, Bia goes through exactly that. Willing to find a father for her son at any cost, she ventures into ballads such as the “debauchery party” and “unexpected” romantic encounters in the supermarket. With tips from her friend Ravi (Leandro Lima) and the lap of her sister Gabi (Letícia Birkheuer), she tries not to fail in the goal of finding her soul mate, mainly because she already feels a little old for new love. "I believe that more and more of us women are being heard and supported on different daily issues, putting our opinions on the agenda and disagreeing with what has always been considered an absolute truth or an absolute opinion", comments Birkheuer.

Mina complements her co-star on the topic and points out that it is necessary to have maturity to not fall into relationships broken by pure demand from family and friends. "It may be that a more mature relationship is more likely to work because you already know yourself more, which I think is very important. But it is important not to deposit your happiness on the other person and not let the person take anything away from you, whatever it is. whatever it is. It can be a career, take a dance class or have time alone. Let you know what makes you happy and don’t give it up. There are people who at 20 had an incredible experience and people at 40 who had none ", guarantees Mina, who is married and the mother of four children.

Directed by Caco Souza, Solteira Menos Surtando also marks Mina's debut as a screenwriter in a film in national cinemas. For her, who lives in Los Angeles and has several Hollywood contributions in her curriculum, it is a feat to score a film with a feminine bias on Brazilian screens. "Women must have more representation behind the camera as directors, screenwriters or producers because that way we can control the narrative more. If you make a film with the main female role, but with a director, screenwriter and male producers, the vision will not be completely authentic and will not have the sensitivity of women. I realized that a lot with this film. So we have to keep trying to have more space behind the camera so that the characters in front of the camera have a feminine perspective ", she believes.

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