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FBI warns of risk of hacking attacks on smart TVs

by Ace Damon
FBI warns of risk of hacking attacks on smart TVs

In the days of Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, with smart TV sales soaring, the FBI warned of the vulnerabilities of these devices and the potential risks of hacking attacks.

The federal agency's warning is mostly focused on devices that have cameras and microphones, which pave the way for possible conversation capture or image recording. For the FBI, manufacturers do not place safety as a priority.

“In addition to the risk that the TV manufacturer and application developers may be listening and watching you, this television can also be a gateway for hackers to enter your home. A less skilled cyber criminal may not be able to access your computer directly, but your TV may be able to offer him an easy way through the back door of your router. ”Alert from the FBI office in Portland.

Attacks on smart TVs are rare, but not unheard of. As the Techcrunch website points out, manufacturers' software may contain loopholes. In addition, there is no regularity pattern for security updates, which makes some devices more vulnerable than others. Earlier this year hackers showed that it was possible to break into Chromecast and stream random videos to thousands of victims.

The CIA has also secretly developed smart TV monitoring plans.

Remember that the CIA has also secretly developed smart TV monitoring plans. According to the revelation made by the WikiLeaks, the program's developers were interested in enabling audio streaming, video capturing and exploring Samsung's remote support function.


According to study, smart bracelets are the easiest targets for a possible attack

O Washington post revealed earlier this year that some of the most popular TV makers collect information about what users are watching to help advertisers better target ads to their viewers and suggest what to watch next, for example.

The FBI recommends that you cover your smart TV camera with black tape when not in use, keep your device always up to date and read privacy policies to better understand your device manufacturer's goals.

Via: Techchrunch


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