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Father kills daughters not to find out that he murdered his mother

by Ace Damon
Father kills daughters not to find out that he murdered his mother

A 35-year-old Canadian man was sentenced to life in prison for murdering his wife and then his seven daughters, Karina and Yesenia, aged seven and nine. The murderer confessed that he killed the girls because he believed it was better to "go to heaven" than to live in a world where their father killed their mother.

The case goes back to December 17, 2017, the day Jacob Forman had a fit of rage after being confronted by his wife Clara over alcohol problems, killing her three times in the head with a sledgehammer.

Shortly after the crime, Forman went with his daughters to clear snow from the street and took them to church. When they returned home, they smothered both girls under the guise of a fun game that would make them pass out.

According to data released by CBS, Jacob Forman also admitted that he went to work for the two days following the murders, and kept the bodies hidden in the garage. One of those days he bought cleaning products to try to remove blood from a rug.

The bodies were found two days after the crime, after Clara's co-workers contacted police because they were concerned about their well-being.

In confession, Jacob admitted to killing Clara in their bedroom, where the body remained while he took his daughters to church. When the children asked about their mother, he just said that he would be resting because he was not feeling well.

CBS also revealed that Clara's sister said she and her parents were deeply concerned about Jacob Forman. "We don't look at Jacob as just a criminal. We look at him as a person who is going through this with us, with a huge amount of pain we can't understand," said April Carlson. "We trust that justice will prevail."

Jacob Forman, described at the time of his arrest as a devout Christian, heard the sentence Monday in British Columbia, Canada. He has pleaded guilty to the murder and is sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of asking for parole for 35 years.




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