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Farage confident Leave would win again in second referendum

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Nigel Farage said he was confident Leave's vote would win by an even larger margin if a second referendum were called.

Speaking at the Brexit Party conference in London late Friday, he said: "If we had to face a second referendum, and as long as we had a proper question with a genuine license in the ballot paper, I have absolutely no doubt that vote to leave by a larger margin than in 2016. "

Farage's comments were met with applause from the audience, before he said, "But whatever happens, there will be no violent riots on our streets because we have a well-run, sensitive, moderate, democratic party called the Brexit Party.

"People will not rebel, they will join the Brexit Party and we will do so in a democratic and peaceful manner."

The party leader added that Britain had become a laughing stock and said he wanted to "re-establish where we should be in the world."

Farage, who founded the party with Catherine Blaiklock in November 2018, also broached Boris Johnson's debate on the use of "inflammatory language", with Jeremy Corbyn saying that the prime minister was encouraging people to act in "shameful and abuse "against Members.

He said leading figures in British society who "simply do not accept" the outcome of the 2016 referendum said that "Brexitists are basically stupid" and are "somehow a low subspecies of what they are."

Farage added: "They have moral superiority and believe they are better people than us – and that's where I believe strong language and bad behavior begin."

Referring to "talking about the temperature of the political debate," Farage mentioned John Bercow, Tony Blair and John Major – all booed by the public – before describing Change UK leader Anna Soubry as the "least popular figure in Letting Voters". .

Referring to the "conversation about the temperature of political debate," Nigel Farage mentions John Bercow, Tony Blair, and John Major, all booed, before describing Anna Soubry as the "least popular figure among fired voters."

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– Sky News Politics (@SkyNewsPolitics) September 27, 2019

Farage questioned whether Johnson is "really, truly a genuine Brexiteer" and warned his party members: "Don't trust the Conservative Party."

He said that if Johnson campaigned for a Brexit without agreement, the Brexit Party would sign a "non-aggression pact" with conservatives in a general election.

Earlier this month, Farage used a newspaper ad to define how he would not stand against conservatives in some areas if the prime minister pledged to a "clean Brexit."

Under the terms of the offer, the Brexit Party would not dispute seats in the general election in areas where Conservatives were competing against Liberal Democrats or other parties remaining in the party.

Speaking to Sky News prior to his speech at the party conference, Farage said of Johnson: "It's good to hear that a prime minister is optimistic – but in fact Boris Johnson is going the wrong way.

"He's trying to reheat Theresa May's failed deal, and this isn't Brexit. So we're the only ones who believe in him and we have to fight for it."


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