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Facial sunscreens with a skincare boost | Sali Hughes

by Ace Damon

There were many years when skin care stopped when the sun came up. As my time outdoors increased and it became appropriate to use a dedicated sunscreen, I dropped my most sophisticated day cream so as not to suffocate under all layers or die of boredom from applying them. Now we don’t have to choose our battles – the new crop of sunscreens has more to offer than just protection against sunburn. They incorporate the types of clinical ingredients for the skin found in the solution of problems of serums and creams, allowing protection (vital) without compromising.

I will start with SkinCeuticals Advanced Brightening UV Defense SPF50 (£ 45 per 40ml), as it is among my favorite releases of the year. This was done for you if you have sunspots or brown spots, providing not only broad spectrum UVA / UVB protection, but also a dose of tranexamic acid, proven to be effective in uneven pigmentation, as well as niacinamide – equally excellent for redness and enlargement pores. The silky and oily texture of this indisputably expensive sunscreen is a blessing: you can feel the money in the elegant slip and subtle shine of the finish – minus any white hue, despite the inclusion of mica and titanium dioxide. (I wrote about invisible sunscreens a few weeks ago.) It looks great under makeup, and if a high-quality sunscreen is something you prioritize, it’s worth making a splash.

A little less expensive, and a godsend if your skin is oily, blemished, congested and shiny, is Heliocare 360 ​​Gel Oil-Free SPF50 (£ 25 per 50 ml). The inclusion of antioxidant vitamins C and E, stimulated by his always useful friend ferulic acid, makes this a solid choice for anyone, but it is the smooth, matte finish and dry touch that will delight many who associate adequate sun protection to a product. complexion with lard. Technically, I’m not sure if I would call it a gel, but it’s a long way from heavy creams and lotions, and he passed my sunscreen test, sitting obediently under his makeup without rolling or pilling while I mixed.

There was a significant and justifiable buzz around Garnier Ambre Solaire’s ultra-light SPF50 + light-sensitive facial fluid for just £ 7 per 40ml. Its very light texture absorbs instantly and without adherence and then becomes matte without drying the skin, thanks to the inclusion of hyaluronic acid (which everyone, of any type or skin color, should already incorporate into their routine). It doesn’t sting your eyes – many do – and it looks like a much more expensive product than it is. I applied everything after my usual serum, in place of the moisturizer, before any makeup.

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