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Facebook has decided that it will not place ads on the WhatsApp home

by ace

Facebook would be considering including advertisements on the home page of its Whatsapp app, but it stepped back and decided not to place the ads on the platform. The subject generated much controversy among users of the messaging service, but the Wall Street Journal posted on its website the information that Mark Zuckerberg's company would have changed its plans.

According to the news, Facebook decided to end the ad plans on Whatsapp, but for a limited time. The company was studying how to include advertisements in its chat application and even had a team designed just for that, which included: developing advertising layouts and new design. The prototypes of the action were even presented in 2019.


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Whatsapp was bought by in 2014 for $ 22 billion, but the deal included no advertising. During the negotiations, the app's creators made a deal with Zuckerberg, who has changed his mind over time, it seems. The breach of contract was $ 1.3 billion.

We still don't know what made the Facebook team change its mind, but adding an ad to the app would certainly be a "ball out" with its users who are already used to the free, ad-free service. The company's Facebook platforms that include advertisements are the social network itself and also Instagram, which may have sponsored and powered publications on the platform. Obviously, because they are free apps, advertising is what pays for these services.

Via: Computer World Source: Wall Street Journal


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