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Explore becomes first UK tour operator to carbon offset all parts of a holiday

by Ace Damon
Explore becomes first UK tour operator to carbon offset all parts of a holiday

Adventure Travel Company To explore became the first UK tour operator to compensate for all components of its travel, including flights. The cost of compensation will be reflected in a slight increase in vacation cost.

The introduction of compensation through Weather Care is part of a sustainability strategy that will see To explore "See everything we do abroad."

"Compensation is not a band aid solution, but there is a climate emergency and we wanted to look at what we can do in the short to medium term as the industry moves toward zero net territory," said the deputy director, John Telfer

Telfer said the calculations are based on the "worst case scenario" for each trip, to ensure that value compensation is always over calculated rather than underestimated. For example, flight distances are based on an indirect flight to the farthest point in 15 geographical regions; all trips will be rounded to seven or 14 days (a four-night trip will be counted as one week; 11 days as fortnight).

"We also applied a 1.9 multiplier on flights to take into account the extra impact of carbon emissions released at altitude and allowed an additional 10% buffer," said Telfer. "I would hate to be accused of damaging the impact."

Despite criticism of compensation, a growing number of tour operators are using it to try to reduce their carbon footprint, particularly in the adventure travel market. World expeditions, much better adventures and bamboo trips are among the recent adopters of compensation – arguing that it offers the best solution at the moment. While Australian adventure specialist Intrepid has extended compensation for flights this month.

“Companies can expect the government to do something and individuals to do something, but we also have a responsibility as a company. We think it's the right thing to do, ”said Telfer.

Very Better Adventures went a step further declaring a climate emergency, hoping to encourage other companies and travel organizations to do the same. Announcing the change on January 14, founder Alex Narracott acknowledged that the company has opened up to greenwashing charges, but said, "We will do everything we can to reduce the carbon emissions we have to say, encourage others to do the same. , and campaign for the broader system changes needed to move travel and especially aviation toward a low carbon future. We'll talk openly and invite criticism. Only by doing so can we achieve our goal, not just as a company, but as a society. ”

Explore and Intrepid are among the 19 companies and travel organizations have added their names to the statement.

Climate Care is a partnership with Golden pattern, which was founded in 2003 by WWF and supports a variety of off-set projects around the world, such as drinking water, low-fuel stoves and wind energy.

Explore's announcement coincides with the appointment of its first head of sustainability, Prue Stone, whose mission is to work with destination partners to reduce disposable plastic and trade domestic flights for domestic rail travel.

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