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Ethiopian Prime Minister wins Nobel Peace Prize

by Ace Damon

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali was the winner of the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize. The result was announced on Friday morning.

There he was awarded for his efforts to achieve international peace and cooperation, and in particular for his initiative to resolve conflicts on the border with Eritrea.

Ethiopia and Eritrea have long been enemies, having waged a border war between 1998 and 2000 and restored relations only in July 2018 after decades of hostility.

With the prize awarded to the 43-year-old Ethiopian ruler, "all actors working for peace and reconciliation in Ethiopia and the eastern and northeastern regions of Africa are recognized," the Committee said.

High popularity

When Abiy Ahmed was named prime minister a year and a half ago, there were no tuk-tuk (tricycles) in virtually any country that did not have a sticker on his face.

He brought promises of openness, democratization and reconciliation and translated some into realities: a joint government, a woman as president, peace after 20 years of war with neighboring Eritrea and taking opposing parties off the list of terrorist groups, among others.

However, critics say the prime minister has few solutions to problems that are rooted in Africa's second most populous country (over 100 million), such as ethnic tensions and a lack of federalism.

Nobel Prize

The Nobel Peace Prize also went to Africa last year. The winner at the time was Congolese doctor Denis Mukwege, who shared it with Yazidi activist Nadia Murad. Both were awarded for their efforts to end sexual violence as a weapon of war and in armed conflict.

The Nobel Peace Prize announcement follows those of Medicine, Physics, Chemistry and Literature that began to spread since the beginning of the week. Next Monday will be announced the winner of the Economy award.

The awards will be presented on December 10, the anniversary of the death of its founder Alfred Nobel, in a ceremony at the Stockholm Concert Hall. The Nobel Peace Prize will be awarded to Oslo City Hall, the only one outside Sweden, by Nobel's wish, as Norway was part of the Kingdom of Sweden at the time.

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