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English team owner says he would like bin Ladens investment

by Ace Damon
English team owner says he would like bin Ladens investment

The bin Laden surname is known worldwide because of Osama, leader of the Al Qaeda terrorist organization and mentor of the September 11, 2001 attacks on the US that destroyed the Twin Towers in New York.

As a result, the owner of Sheffield United, one of the youngest of Premier League (the English Championship), that I would be happy if the bin Laden family invested in the club.

"I get offended when they talk badly about the bin Laden family," Saudi Prince Abdullah bin Musa'ad said at the club's stadium, Bramall Lane, on Thursday before the start of the sixth round of the competition.

“Every family can have a bad person, a black sheep, but they (the bin Ladens) are very respectable,” he said, whose business revolves around the pulp industry.

The US reported in 2011, under the administration of Barack Obama, that Osama bin laden He was killed on May 2 of that year in an operation of the country's navy in Pakistan.

Bin Musa'ad, 54, has a good relationship with the well-heeled bin Laden family, owner of the Binladin Group, which operates in the construction sector, among other branches, in Saudi Arabia.

“I have never done business with them, but I will be very happy if I do. There is no dishonor in the bin Laden family name, ”emphasized the prince.

After a court battle with British businessman Kevin McCabe, who shared control of Sheffield United with him, Bin Musa'ad this week became the club's main shareholder founded in 1889.

One of his first acts was to appoint his 26-year-old son-in-law as president of the club in place of McCabe.

By the court ruling, as reported by The Guardian newspaper, Bin Musa'ad will have to acquire by July 2020, at a cost of £ 40 million, the stadium, the hotel next door and the center. United Training Center.

Saudi Prince Abdullah bin Musa'ad watches the departure of Sheffield United, which he owns (John Clifton / Action Images)

Bin Musa'ad is at the forefront of the club with the lowest market value in the top 20 in England.

According to Transfermarkt, Sheffield United players are worth £ 82.31 million, or 1/14 of the Manchester City squad, the first on the list (£ 1, 15 billion or R $ 5.95 billion).

Second in the access division in 2018/2019, Sheffield United aims to stay in the elite this season.

In the first five games, they recorded one win, two draws and two losses, enough to be outside the drop zone.

In history, the team won the English Championship once, still in the 19th century, in 1898, plus four English Cups, the last in 1925.

In time 1: Sheffield, located in north central England, is known for having the oldest football club, Sheffield FC, founded in 1857 and currently in the eighth division. The city, in addition to Sheffield FC and Sheffield United, is also home to Sheffield Wednesday, which was established in 1867 and has accumulated four English Cups (1903, 1904, 1929 and 1930) – now in the second division.

In time 2: Abdullah bin Musa'ad is not the only non-English owner of a team in the Premier League. Incidentally, it integrates the majority. Only four of the 20 elite division clubs are controlled exclusively by the English: Tottenham, Newcastle, Brighton and Burnley. In the others, there is money injection from owners whose origin are countries like China, United Arab Emirates, Thailand, Italy, Russia and the United States.



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